James Murphy to master the new Enthrallment album

In the last few days the 4 th album was completed at “Murder Sound Studio” in Bulgaria and the mastering job will come from James Murphy, who played in several bands like DEATH, OBITUARY, TESTAMENT, CANCER, KONKHRA, DISINCARNATE…
The album is titled “THE VOICE OF HUMAN PERVERSITY” and the band members define its line as primitive. Find out more in the link below www.facebook.com/Enthrallment
This is the track list of the new album of Enthrallment:
1. Screams Etched Within the Crags
2. Rats Before the Worms
3. Mummified Ante Mortem
4. Rove in Hell
5. Stench of Burnt Down Sanctuary
6. Madness Coloured in Light
7. Tones of Gladness
8. Tool of Suicide



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