Martin Popoff releases four new “making of” eBooks!

Acclaimed Canadian metal author and journalist Martin Popoff has released four new “making of” eBooks. Head to and stick Martin Popoff name in the search or hit/paste the links below. Each are sweet ‘n’ easy pdfs with color pictures, and lotsa previously unpublished interview footage with the bands.

1) Witchfinder General – Friends Of Hell, 11 pages, 98¢.

2) Mercyful Fate – Melissa, 17 pages, 98¢.

3) April Wine – Harder… Faster, 14 pages, 98¢.

4) Triumph – Just A Game, 10 pages, 98¢.

More on Witchfinder General – Friends Of Hell:

Witchfinder General blew a whole in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with their doom dealings. And really, they were the inaugural doom band past what Sabbath had established, pioneers that begat Trouble, Candlemass and Cathedral. Little has been written on this mysterious two-album band, ‘cos they didn’t do many interviews, nor get asked to all that often. This is the story of the band’s second and last album, a fine slab of massive, surging metal that still creeps out NWOBHM aficionados to this day.

More on Mercyful Fate – Melissa:

Proud of this one, as we explore one of the most imposingly scary and skilled metal classics ever, the grand and merciless debut from Satanic Dane masters Mercyful Fate. It’s a long hard look, including much interview footage never before published from my chats with Hank Shermann, Michael Denner and of course, King Diamond his charming self. Not since Sad Wings Of Destiny had a record from an unknown band sound so shockingly perfect. Was the hand of Satan involved? You be the judge.

More on April Wine – Harder… Faster:

Fond memories for Harder… Faster, the author’s favourite April Wine slab and arguably the heaviest, given I Like To Rock and the band’s massive, skilled cover of Crimson’s 20th Century Schizoid Man. It was our key hook-out-of-school record as me an’ the buds piled into Ken’s Dodge Dart. crossed the border and drove to Spokane in search of NWOBHM records. Anyway, off-topic. Dive in and learn–directly from Brian and Myles–about this fine collection of expertly recorded and crafted (mostly) proto-metal songs from a Canuck institution not always prone to rocking out.

More on Triumph – Just A Game:

Canuck legends Triumph lightened up on their third album, Just A Game, and it almost killed their career. But wait, there were also two hit single in Hold On and the more enduring Lay It On The Line, which set the template for future positive proggy power ballads from the band. Hear the tale of this forgotten staple of Canuck rock as we talk at length to the whole band, namely guitarist/vocalist Rik Emmett, bassist Mike Levine and drummer/vocalist Gil Moore.

Note, also at are:

1) full-length eBooks of about ten of Popoff titles, at $8.88 – UFO, BOC, three Lizzys, four Purples etc…

2) cool little packaged catalogue makings of for Rex, Starz, Ram Jam, Dictators and Lone Star, for $1.98 to $2.98.

3) additional eRiffs of this 98¢ series for: Foreigner, Y&T, April Wine, Blackfoot, Whitesnake, Gillan, Fastway, Trouble, Motorhead, Gamma, Bad Company, Van Halen, Manowar, Trouble…




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