Mike Tramp – Cobblestone Street

Mike Tramp
Cobblestone Street
2013, Target Records
Rating: 4.5/5


01. Cobblestone Street
02. Caught In The Storm
03. New Day
04. Ain’t The Life I Asked For
05. Revolution
06. We’ll Be Alright
07. Angel Or Devil
08. Find It In Your Heart
09. What Are You Gonna Do
10. Once

Mike Tramp burst onto the music scene back in the 80’s with the band White Lion. Here we are some 30 + years later and Mike is still cranking out the tunes. For his latest release, COBBLESTONE STREET we find Tramp emphasizing his songwriting. Some of the songs date back 20 years and some were written just a week prior to recording. Once he got into the studio he recorded the songs as he wrote them, on an acoustic.

COBBLESTONE STREET is not a White Lion styled album in anyway. The only comparison is that it is the same singer songwriter and there are similarities to White Lion songs such as “When The Children Cry” and “Wait”. This album was quite a surprise when I first heard it. I was expecting a Rock n Roll record but what came out of my speakers was something completely different.

While listening to the album I found myself visualizing the songs in my head. He is telling a story with each song and they sound as if they could be very autobiographical, especially the title track where he mentions Copenhagen. Tramp has taken a very simplistic approach with this new album and letting the words take the forefront. The drums, bass, instrumentation are more secondary here. The acoustic guitar is slightly higher in the mix compared to the rest but not overpowering. It compliments his voice perfectly along with the snare drum which is fairly prominent throughout. Another song that comes across as autobiographical is “Ain’t The Life I Asked For” where he mentions a ‘Rock n Roll Ride’ and how it’s ‘What I’ve Become’. Even at the very end of the album you heard an old film run out as if this is the soundtrack to Tramp’s life.

A fantastic album that highlights Mike’s voice and songwriting ability. A departure from the music that made him and his old band a household name. This is the year’s biggest and most refreshing surprise. A much needed album in today’s world.