Invades SXSW 2013 – Part Three Cuban Metal Showcase



Interview with Joel Kaos of Ancestor

Conducted by Robert Williams

Video & Editing courtesy of Sandra Torres

It’s a Friday night in downtown Austin and a small gathering of metal fans have turned out for the rare opportunity to witness Cuban metal bands performing for the first time on North American shores. The SXSW festival is in full swing in Austin, Texas and just making your way to the venue is a challenge unto itself. Well, there’s the whole finding a parking spot thing (Roughly, a sixty-minute investment) not to mention the endless stampede of out of town industry types, revelers, journalists, pedicabbers, musicians and celebrities parading through the now litter filled downtown streets. Inside the club, the air smells like stale smoke and even staler piss. A supposed A-List hip-hop event is roped off on the other side of the club and woofers boom insipid top forty chart toppers. Tonight’s bill is made up of Ancestor, Escape and Agonizer all hailing from Cuba. Joining them are  Motor from Mexico, Eminence and Attomica from Brazil. I’ll admit it struck me as a little disheartening in regards to the lack of turnout for such a rare occasion as this (especially considering the sacrifice all participating bands made to get here) but the bands gave it there all none the less and it was a solid night of headbanging to the Latin American Assault. Joel Kaos of Ancestor took some time to fill us in on the Cuban metal scene and we were able to obtain some live performance clips of some bands as well!

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