The Jeff Healey Band – House On Fire: Demos & Rarities

The Jeff Healey Band
House On Fire: Demos & Rarities
2013, Eagle Rock North
Rating: 4.5

Jeff Healey’s music needs no introduction. He was one of, if not the greatest Canadian guitarists to have ever lived. He combined the Blues and Rock perfectly and his playing was flawless. This disc of Demos & Rarities showcases his talent even in an unfinished state. Eight of the eleven tracks on here were recorded between March and July of 1992 when they were at their peak of popularity.

As soon as this CD arrived in my mailbox I opened it up an popped it into the player. Almost immediately I was reaching for the volume knob to crank it up. I was blown away from the first note. Finally I had some new Jeff Healey tunes to listen to. While they may have been recorded over 2 decades ago they are fresh and don’t sound the least bit dated. This is your typical JHB and every track is phenomenal. Not for a second do you want to skip ahead. His playing and singing are flawless. What else can I say? Jeff was a master at the guitar and he had a distinct sound that was all his own.

A must own for all Jeff Healey fans. This is Jeff at the peak of popularity and his creativity was massive during this period. If these were left unreleased for 20 years it makes you wonder how much more is there?