FATAL SMILE – RONNIE JAMES DIO tribute song/video released!

FATAL SMILE & Dio 2009
FATAL SMILE & Dio 2009

Today May 16 it´s three years ago Ronnie James Dio sadly passed away…

A true rock’n roll hero was taken from us as he – as so many others do – lost his battle against the most fierce enemy mankind has met so far: cancer! This is a day of mourning, for us who loved him and his music, his fans and most of all those close to him. We´re really happy that we had a chance to support DIO on his Scandinavian tour in 2008 and to meet him in person. He will be remembered as the kind-hearted and most gentle soul we´ve had the honour to tour and share the stage with…

We strongly believe that Ronnie will be remembered forever, by generations to come. He will never be forgotten. Anyone as influential and unique becomes a legacy. We will surely do our best to keep this legacy alive, to honour it and the great man behind it.

Today we´re releasing a video for the song that we wrote in great sorrow after we got word from Dio´s management of his passing on May 16, 2010. A song that means so much to us. It is a song filled with respect and love, and the first ballad in FATAL SMILE history.

The song is called “For the last in line” and is taken from our latest album “21st Century Freaks“.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vY5D43WQJw’]

Lyrically it focuses on the fact that Dios fight for cancer must go on, that we must pull together to keep the fight alive until it’s won, and that Ronnie can rest assure that we will never give up no matter how many heroes are made and lost.

This is the most important fight humanity has before him, and it is a shame that so much is spent on destroying one another and so little in the fight of survival. Let Ronnie be a reminder of that. A never ever forgotten reminder!

He would surely have wanted to be a part of the victory to come!

So let´s all get together and help us to fight cancer by donating to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund.

And never ever forget –
Ronnie James Dio  – R.I.P.

For more info: www.fatalsmile.com/
To buy the song “For The Last In Line”, please visit:
AMAZON (link to  www.amazon.com/21st-Century-Freaks/dp/B0083VCHF4 )
iTunes  (link to itunes.apple.com/us/album/21st-century-freaks/id526321557 )

To buy the album “21ST CENTURY FREAKS” please visit GMR MUSIC! (Link to: shop.gmrmusic.se/en/artists-a-z/fatal-smile-21st-century-freaks-cd.html )

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