Calgary Metalfest II – June 5-8

THE TIME IS NEAR!! BIG NATE PRODUCTIONS presents CALGARY METALFEST II taking place June 6-8 at Dicken’s Pub- 1000 9th Avenue SW (18+,) and Broken City – 613 11th Avenue SW (AA.) CMF II will include 81 bands from all over North America including, SKELETONWITCH (OH,) INTRONAUT (LA,) SCALE THE SUMMIT (TX,) INTO ETERNITY (SASK,) ANCIIENTS (BC,) ENDAST (MTL,) WAKE and an appearance from long-standing Edmonton thrash metal act DISCIPLES OF POWER. CMF will be emcee’d by shock comic JASON ROUSE, who has hosted the Metal Hammer GOLDEN GOD AWARDS in the UK an d toured the world multilpe times. The CMF Preparty will be held at Dicken’s Pub Wednesday June 5 and will feature an exclusive set from Mr. Rouse and performances from local metal powerhouses EXIT STRATEGY, KYOKTYS and STAB TWIST PULL. All ages shows at Broken City will start at 3:45pm, be over by 9PM and feature 9 bands. The 18+ shows at Dickens will commence at 6PM run to 2AM and showcase 13 bands. A special show has been opened for Intronaut, Scale the Summit and Mouth of the Architect at Broken City on June 7. As well, another show was recently announced at the Broken City ROOFTOP PATIO featuring 5 of Calgary’s best crossover thrash from 6pm to 9pm! 9 STAGES TOTAL!! Tickets can be bought in advance at, Sloth Records, Axe Music, Dicken’s Pub and Broken City as well as from your favourite local bands! Full schedule and set times can be found at:



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