DARKANE – “The Sinister Supremacy” tracklist

Darkane "The Sinister Supremacy"
Darkane “The Sinister Supremacy”

DARKANE have released the artwork as well as the tracklisting of their upcoming, brand new album “The Sinister Supremacy”!

The band’s sixth album, mixed by Daniel Bergstrand, will also be availabe as limited edition digipak and features the following tracks:

1. Sounds Of Pre-Existence
2. The Sinister Supremacy
3. Mechanically Divine
4. Ostracized
5. The Decline
6. Insurrection Is Imminent
7. In The Absence Of Pain
8. Humanity Defiled
9. Hate Repentance State
10. Collapse Of Illusions
11. By Darkness Designed
12. Existence Is Just A State Of Mind
13. I, Author Of Despair (Digipak Bonus Track)
14. Malicious Strain (Digipak Bonus Track)

Carlos Holmberg (ex-Soilwork) is responsible for the amazing cover artwork, which you can enjoy to the right!

DARKANE recently spoke about the album title as well as the artwork:
” ‘The Sinister Supremacy’ is a metaphor for the evil that controls us. It&#8217s the dark part of our minds and it&#8217s inside us all. It tells us it&#8217s ok to do bad things, to hurt other people, and hurt ourselves. It guides us into making choices based on pure selfishness, and it thrives on complete chaos.

The cover art by Carlos Holmberg is a Rorschach test as seen by an individual who has completely succumbed to the sinister supremacy.”

The band has already posted two short clips from the studio on their fb page, which you can enjoy here:

Klas playing viola: www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151430095354339
Chris playing guitar: www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151438737954339

Additionally, you’ll find a couple of (tongue-in-cheek) videos from the studio called “Clip of the week #..” on the band’s youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/darkaneofficial

DARKANE’s brand new album “The Sinister Supremacy” will be released in Europe via Massacre Records on June 28, 2013!

DARKANE @ Massacre Records MP3 Download Store: massacre.musiclogistics.net/artists/darkane




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