Serocs – Preparing “The Next…” follow-up to 2012 debut

Taking technical death metal back to its heavier roots, international band Serocs is preparing the follow-up to their 2012 debut full-length Oneirology. With influences such as Cryptopsy, Wormed, Decapitated, Spawn Of Possession and Nile, to name a few, this album will bring another depth into the realm of brutality.

The album, appropriately title The Next…, marks a new era in the band’s history, going from a one-man band into a full blown assault.
Founder and guitarrist Antonio Freyre is joined by metal legends to create an intense assault of technicality.

The line-up is as follows:

Antonio Freyre – Guitars
Timo Häkkinen [Kataplexia, Sotajumala, Vile (live)] – Drums
Mike Poggione [Capharnaum, Eulogy, Monstrosity, Vile (live)] – Bass
Philippe Tougas [Chthe’ilist, Vengeful, First Fragment, Zealotry] – Lead guitar
Josh Smith [Gutfucked, ex-Monumental Torment] – Vocals

They will also be joined by guest vocalists Youri Raymond [Unhuman, ex-Cryptopsy], Martin Lacroix [ex-Cryptopsy], Chris Lollis [Nile, Lecherous Nocturne] and more.

The album is expected to hit the world in June 2013, mixed and mastered by Nico S., and including 8 songs of devastating quality, guitar tabs and a few surprises.



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