VV.AA. “Compendium of Metal Vol. 6” and Metal on Metal Records 2013 release schedule

Old school metal label Metal on Metal Records release their annual compilation CD “Compendium of Metal” as always for the Keep It True festival in April. The label prepared a trailer with about 1-minute excerpt from every song – it can be watched and listened to on YouTube.

“Compendium of Metal Vol. 6” contains 14 songs of 13 bands, clocks at 70 minutes, and comes with 8 pages informative booklet. Most of the tracks have not been released before. MELIAH RAGE and METAL LAW present exclusive new songs, SKELATOR, BATTLERAGE, NOMAD SON and ARKHAM WITCH are featured with previously unreleased versions of their older songs, MORTALICUM and STONEGRIFF tracks had been previously only self-released by the bands on limited EPs, while ATTACKER and SACRED GATE songs come off their just released albums. Only 3 tracks are taken from Metal on Metal Records‘ 2011 and 2012 releases (of OUTRAGE, HERETIC and AFTER OBLIVION).

The complete track list and more details, as well as 7 songs can be checked on the page of this release.

The label offers “Compendium of Metal Vol. 6” not only for half of the regular CD price, but also with a bigger discount when purchased in addition to other CDs available from their online store. Digital version of the album in lossless formats is available for downloading from Bandcamp.

Metal on Metal Records have recently announced their complete 2013 release schedule:

February 2nd:
ATTACKER “Giants of Canaan” CD (Power/Heavy Metal from USA)
SKELATOR “Give Me Metal or Give Me Death” ltd. digipak CD (Heavy/Speed Metal from USA)
SKELATOR “Live Chaos” cassette (Epic Heavy/Speed Metal from USA)

April 19th:
VV.AA. “Compendium of Metal Vol. 6” CD
SACRED GATE “Tides of War” CD (Traditional Heavy Metal from Germany)
METAL LAW “Lawbreaker” Second Edition CD (Traditional Heavy Metal from Germany)

July 25th:
NOMAD SON “The Darkening” CD (Traditional Doom Metal from Malta)
NOMAD SON “First Light” Second Edition CD+DVD (Traditional Doom Metal from Malta)
STONEGRIFF “Prologus Magicus” CD (Traditional Doom Metal from Sweden)
MELIAH RAGE “Warrior” CD (Power/Thrash Metal from USA)

November 15th:
BATTLERAGE “Slaughter God Rising” CD (True Heavy Metal from Chile)
OUTRAGE “The Elemental War” CD (Black/Thrash Metal from Germany)



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