SACRED GATE “Tides of War” album details

“Tides of War”, the second full-length of the German traditional heavy metal act SACRED GATE, was released on April 19th through Metal on Metal Records. The band created a captivating and epic concept album about the Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans and their allies fought for freedom against invading Persians. Not a surprising choice of subject, considering that 2 founding members (vocalist Jim Over and guitarist Nicko Nikolaidis) have Greek origins. According to the label, “The new album is undoubtedly a more mature, more epic and more confident effort that shows the band moving a few steps away from their main influence (IRON MAIDEN), and crystallizing their own style, with strong, melodic but rough vocals, outstanding guitar work and rock solid rhythm section.”

Three songs off the album, “Defenders (Valour Is in Our Blood)”, “Gates of Fire” and “Spartan Killing Machine” are available for streaming from Metal on Metal Records website. And a short promo clip can be watched on YouTube.


“Tides of War” album track list is as follows:
1. The Coming Storm
2. The Immortal One
3. Tides of War
4. Defenders (Valour Is in Our Blood)
5. Gates of Fire
6. Never to Return
7. The Final March
8. Spartan Killing Machine
9. Path to Glory
10. The Battle of Thermopylae

The album art was painted by J.P. Fournier (Pharaoh, Nightmare, Seven Witches, Edguy, Lonewolf, Avantasia, Steel Attack and others). More details about “Tides of War” and high-res cover image can be found on the page of this release.

During the recording sessions, SACRED GATE recorded one more song that is not included in the album, “Warriors of the World United” by MANOWAR, and uploaded their cover version on YouTube. Here’s what guitarist Nicko Nikolaidis had to say about it: “SACRED GATE have been influenced by MANOWAR and ‘Warriors of the World United’ is a mighty heavy song, a metal hymn we still have in our live set and each time we play this song it makes the hair on my neck stand up.”

SACRED GATE “Tides of War” CD can be ordered from Metal on Metal Records’ website, also in bundle with the band’s debut CD “When Eternity Ends”, while the digital download (in lossless formats) is available from Bandcamp.



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