WACKEN METAL BATTLE CANADA Unleashes FREE DOWNLOAD Compilation of Competing Bands

Wacken Metal Battle Canada has unleashed a FREE DOWNLOAD compilation to promote some of the top Canadian metal talents competing in this year’s largest metal contest for one true champion to represent the nation with the highest honor at this summer’s 2013 edition of Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.

Promo Video – Wacken Metal Battle Canada – www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQcxqsxchkQ

The FREE DOWNLOAD is available at the following link here.

Wacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation Vol. 1 – Track Listing: 

1. Adrenechrome – Led Elephant 05:37
2. Answer With Metal – Two Wrongs (Don’t Make A Right) 05:06
3. Cecile Monique – Never Over 03:37
4. Crimson Shadows – Beyond The Mountain Wasteland 05:50
5. Cryptik Howling – Ulysses Death 03:58
6. Dissension – Of Time And Chronic Disease 06:58
7. Dreamers – No Place To Hide 04:23
8. Eclipse Eternal – Deathbound 08:29
9. Embracing Soul – Luna 03:42
10. Fallstaf – The Cost 03:21
11. Laugh At The Fakes – Blinded 05:28
12. Mastery – Step Up 04:23
13. Mürtenscythe – (Smoking weed) Through The Horn of Satan 08:30
14. Panzerfaust – The Apple of Infinite Knowledge 08:15
15. Powered By Death – Hit The Surface 03:00
16. Pyramid Theorem – Another Day Slips Away 06:28
17. Sanguine Glacialis – Into The Heart of Chaos 06:44
18. Slyde – New World Sympathy 03:36
19. Spewgore – The Ride 02:12
20. Through Death – Orphaned 03:38
21. Trainwreck Architect – The Door Slam Shut 04:14
22. Venomenon – Temple of Lies 07:13
23. Vesperia – O’ Hail The Northlander 04:49
24. Virulys – Endless World 04:40
25. Warcall – Faces of Death 04:49
26. WarMachine – Moving On 04:04

Being held in Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC during the months of May and June, 37 independent Canadian metal bands from across the country will challenge one another to join a list of Canadian heavyweights such as Voivod, Exciter, Razor, Annihilator, Anvil, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, 3 Inches of Bloods, Despised Icon and Danko Jones who have performed at Wacken Open Air in years past.

The W:O:A Metal Battle was founded by Wacken Open Air in 2004 to encourage future generations of heavy metal and rock as the festival believes in supporting the future of metal music and its musicians.

The Wacken Metal Battle Canada line up for the qualifying rounds in Toronto & Montreal is as follows and will be judged by a panel of local music industry representatives.

Qualifying Rounds – Toronto

April 28th @ The Rivoli
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/144925635688346/

Fragile Existence
Website: www.facebook.com/FragileExistence/

Eclipse Eternal
Website: www.facebook.com/EclipseEternal

Website: www.deathmarch.ca

Vernon Howell
Website: www.facebook.com/vernonhowell416

May 5th @ The Rivoli
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/145113242334068/

Website: www.dreamerswtf.com

Pyramid Theorem
Website: www.pyramidtheorem.ca

Crimson Shadows 
Website: www.facebook.com/crimsonshadowsband

Website: www.adrenechrome.com

May 15th @ Hard Luck Bar 
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/636121479737458/

Website: www.warmachineonline.com

Website: www.MasteryOfficial.tk

The Unborn Dead
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Unborn-Dead/88574066218

Cecile Monique 
Website: www.cecilemonique.com

Laugh At The Fakes 
Website: www.laughatthefakes.com

May 22nd @ Hard Luck Bar
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/504838809551210/

Website: www.facebook.com/groups/2295859923/members/

Website: www.facebook.com/nephelium/

Empyrean Plague
Website: www.facebook.com/Empyrean.Plague

Answer With Metal 
Website: www.facebook.com/answerwithmetal

May 26th @ The Rivoli
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/454483377961413/

Website: www.panzerfaustblackmetal.com

Embracing Soul
Website: www.embracingsoul.com

This Is Death Valley
Website: www.facebook.com/therealtidv

Website: www.slyde.ca

Qualifying Rounds – Montreal

May 9th @ Katacombes
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/269499079852535/

Website: www.facebook.com/DissensionMTL

Website: www.facebook.com/warcallband

Website: www.facebook.com/VirulysBand

Website: bookakee.bandcamp.com/

May 15th @ Katacombes
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/349373411841013/

Trainwreck Architect
Website: www.trainwreckarchitect.net/

Website: venomenon.bandcamp.com/

Demise of the Crown
Website: www.demiseofthecrown.com/

Website: www.reverbnation.com/fallstaf

May 22nd @ Katacombes 
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/398000663640115/

Through Death
Website: www.throughdeath.com/

Website: www.reverbnation.com/crosstitution

Website: www.murtenscythe.bandcamp.com/

Powered by Death
Website: www.reverbnation.com/poweredbydeath

May 31st @ Katacombes
Event Link: www.facebook.com/events/311701678957238/

Website: www.valfreyametal.com/

Sanguine Glacialis
Website: http://sanguineglacialis.bandcamp.com/

Website: www.karkaos.com/

Website: www.hollowofficial.com/

Semi Finals – Toronto

May 31 – Hard Luck – Toronto, ON
June 7 – Rivoli – Toronto, ON

Semi-Finals – Montreal

June 7 – Katacombes – Montreal, QC*

* 2 MONTREAL BANDS MOVE TO FINALS – June 22 at Opera House, Toronto, ON

Finals – Wacken Metal Battle Canada

June 22 – Opera House, Toronto, ON

For more info on Wacken Metal Battle Canada, please visit these links:

Official Website: www.metalbattle.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MetalBattleCanada

Twitter: @MetalBattleCAN

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/WackenMetalBattleCAN



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