Ricky Byrd – Lifer

Ricky Byrd – Lifer
2013, Kayos Records
Rating; 4.5/5


Upon my first listen I had no idea who Ricky Byrd was and didn’t until long after I had listened to the album a good few times. It was then that I read deeper into the bio and press release. He is a well seasoned guitarist with an impressive past.

This solo debut from former Joan Jett & The Blackhearts guitarist Ricky Byrd is one that you need to hear. Upon first listen you are tended to pick up comparisons to some music industry giants but after a few spins you are enjoying the album on it’s own. It is pure Rock n’ Roll at it’s finest. You even get a hint of the Glam movement with the Mott The Hoople influence. Byrd’s voice can be compared at times to Faces era Rod Stewart. He has a bit of the raspy edge to it. Musically every song is a winner and not a bad one in the bunch. Even the slower numbers have an edge to them.

LIFER is a straight forward 70’s Rock n Roll album for the new millennium. All the influences from that era mixed with prime musicianship make for the debut of the year thus far. Fantastic from start to finish and made to be turned up to maximum level.