NEPHELIUM Issue Update On New Album

NEPHELIUM - Photo Credit – Zhubin Salehi
NEPHELIUM – Photo Credit – Zhubin Salehi

Releasing their brutal six track masterpiece ”Coils of Entropy” at the beginning of 2012 to international praise along with winning the Best Metal category at the Toronto Independent Music Awards and taking the #9 position on the Top 20 of 2012 Canadian College Radio Loud Charts. Nephelium, the brutal death metal band that traces its roots back to the late 1990s from the city of Dubai, UAE and whom have now re-established themselves in Toronto, Canada for the last decade has issued an update on their follow up release.

Drummer Alan Madhavan comments:

“Like the churning of molten rock in the entrails of a livid volcano, we have been brewing up some of Nephelium’s most unyielding and devastating work to date. This stuff is NUTS!!! From abstract and eccentric yet masterful riff writing with our signature twist of worldly melodies to time shifts analogous to the precision of a woodpecker and vocals, you wish you believed in God when you hear, brace yourself for the one of the most fierce, violent and viciously musical sprees you’ve ever been on. This album is going to trample and slaughter anything in its path…”

For more info, tour dates and music from Nephelium, please visit these following links:


Twitter @nephelium


Album Stream –

Single Stream Link = Merciless Annihilation –

Show Dates

May 22 – Hard Luck Bar – Toronto, ON – Wacken Metal Battle Canada w/ Spewgore, Empyrean Plague, Answer With Metal, Vesperia

BIO: Dubai is where, in the late 1990s, guitarist Alex Zubair and drummer Alan Madhavan came together to form Nephelium, guided by the sole vision of a band comprised of equal parts complexity and brutality.

Staying true to the roots of death metal, Nephelium was quick to forge ahead with experimentation, pulling in influences from metal and other genres.

With the hope of spreading Nephelium’s insidious gospel across the world, Zubair and Madhavan settled in Toronto, Canada where they completed the band’s lineup and immediately began playing shows and tearing up local stages, which quickly led to opening slots for metal heavyweights Skinless and Deicide.

Following a tumultuous journey spanning ten years, two continents and countless lineup changes, Nephelium is ready to once again give the death metal world a good shaking with the release of their debut album, Coils of Entropy.

The embodiment of Nephelium’s journey to striking the perfect balance between technical death metal, old school metal and Arabian melodies, Coils of Entropy is a six-track masterpiece set to breathe new life into today’s dwindling death metal landscape.

CD Cover Design: Juanjo Castellano (
Logo Design: Christopher Horst

Coils of Entropy – Track Listing

1. Burial Ground 05:04
2. Merciless Annihilation 06:18
3. Hellborne 05:02
4. Malediction 08:52
5. Halls of Judgment 05:56
6. Coils of Entropy 10:15

All songs written & performed by: Nephelium Album Line Up – Boyan Guerdjikov – Vocals, Alex Zubair – Guitars, Dan Glover – Guitars, Jay Cockerill – Bass, Alan Madhavan – Drums



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