ASHENT – Reissue of “Flaws Of Elation”

Following on from the recent success of “Inheritance”, the latest release from Italian progressive metal outfit ASHENT, Lion Music are pleased to offer up a timely reissue of the bands long out of print 2006 debut album “Flaws Of Elation”. In addition this new print comes with all new artwork and the additional bonus of the bands very first ultra rare 2003 4 track demo!

“Flaws Of Elation” is a prog-power experience with some modern techno-thrash influences which are reflected in the way Ashent arrange and play guitars and drums. There are also some death metal references, in the mode the band use growling as backing vocals that have their importance in the economy of Ashent’s sound, wisely mixed with a modern prog attitude that uses avant-garde and gothic elements in order to create intense and dramatic music. The atmosphere is very dark, but the vocals of American vocalist Steve Braun are extremely melodic, supported by some beautiful orchestrations.

A video presentation with music and interview from the band can be viewed now at

The track Mhysteric can be heard in full now at soundcloud via

01. Flaws of Men
02. Mhysteric
03. Awakened’s transitions
04. Fallen Angel
05. Illusory
06. Silent Remedy
07. Anaemic Ardency
08. Persistence of Frailty
09. A Puzzled Sentiment
10. Eden
11. Awakened’s transitions (demo 2003)
12. Fallen Angel (demo 2003)
13. Anaemic Ardency (demo 2003)
14. Eden (demo 2003)

Full album info and CD pre-order can be found at



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