With a statement on the official website www.overtures.it, the Italian heavy/power metallers Overtures published the artwork and many news concerning the new upcoming album “Entering the Maze”.

At first, the album will be released on May31st. Its worldwide distribution will be once more in charge of our Greek label Slesazy Rider Records (www.sleaszyrider.com). SSR already released the previous album “Rebirth” and thanks to the wonderful relationship between the band and the label, the collaboration between the two parts is very solid.

The following is the artwork chosen for the new album:



This is a statement about it from lead vocalist Michele Guaitoli:
“As a band we made a very strong choice using this artwork for our next album Entering the Maze. Most of the people are expecting a great picture, a wonderful work of graphics or something charming that recalls the title of the album. We are not a huge band so choosing to move away from the standards is very risky. On the other side the idea of using a picture of an epic maze as cover for our upcoming album would have simply been wrong and incoherent with our concept. What the lyrics of this album are going to recall, the “maze” we’re talking about it is not the concept of Greek labyrinth like the Knossos one. Our “Maze” is the labyrinth created by the modern society: a maze where we are put into the day we born, and during our whole life we try to escape this maze but during our research we are forced to face a lot of opposing concepts: from money to technology, from music to war, from the fight for our freedom to suffering and pain. This artwork should be analyzed going beyond its “global image”, but with a careful consideration of every detail.

The new album “Entering the Maze” will be distributed as a CD+DVD. The DVD will contain not only the “Savior” official videoclip, that will be published during the next weeks, but also the official clip for the song “Fly, Angel”, a live in studio set with 5 songs, a backstage clip from the making of the “Savior” video and the “Daemons” drum cam video published a few weeks ago.

Those are the complete tracklist and details:

1. The Maze
2. Under the Northern Star
3. Of Nightmares
4. Savior
5. Empty Trails
6. Consequences
7. In the Middle of Nowhere
8. Programmed to Serve
9. A Different Point of View
10. The Oracle

Produced by Sleaszy Rider Records & Ovetures
Recorded by Michele Guaitoli @ The Groove Factory Studio, Udine – IT
Mastered by Sascha Paeth @ Gate Studio, Wolfsburg – DE


Savior Official Videoclip (directed by Simone Vrech)

Fly, Angel Official Videoclip (directed by Simone Vrech)

Savior Official Videoclip – The Making of (directed by Marco Clari)

Entering the Studio live set:
1. Daemons
2. The Maze
3. Under the northern star
4. My name is fear
5. A different point of view

Daemons Drum Cam Video (from a very different point of view)

The last, but not least, news concerns Overtures line-up. After a short experience, but a wonderful relationship, with the band, due to personal reasons Stefano d’Amore chosed to leave the band. Overtures will always be thankful to Stefano for his work during this months. The “new” member is someone very relished anyway: back to his “soloist” role we have once again Marco Falanga, founding member who was forced to leave the band one year ago due to personal problems finally solved. Welcome back!



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