Ross “The Boss” Friedman

Ross the Boss
Ross the Boss

Interview with Ross “The Boss” Friedman

Conducted By Robert Williams

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres

Ross “The Boss” Friedman has returned alongside an all-star cast of seasoned metal veterans with the new band Death Dealer.  Joining Ross in this new super-group are Sean Peck (Cage) on vocals, Stu Marshall (UDO, Steve Grimmett) also on guitar, bassist Mike Davis (Halford, Lizzy Borden) and fellow Manowar alumni Kenny “Rhino” Earl pounding the drums. The band has already recorded an explosive, over the top, scorching, powerhouse of a debut entitled “Warmaster” whose release imminently awaits. Ross “The Boss” recently took the time to speak with about all of the current excitement surrounding Death Dealer and the forthcoming debut album as well as his recent involvement with Manitoba, the progress on the third Ross The Boss album and of course, the thirtieth anniversary of Manowar’s classic “Into Glory Ride” album.