AEON Interview with Tommy Dahlström (Vocals)

Aeon Interview

with Tommy Dahlström (vocals)

By Mark Ashby

Aeon Interview
Aeon Interview

Following the release of their fourth album, and their recent trip around the UK and Ireland, Metal-Rules catches up with Tommy Dahlström, vocalist with workaholic Swedish death metal mob Aeon, in a rare moment of down time.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to Metal-Rules.  Your new album, Aeons Black, has been out for a couple of months now:  are you pleased with how it has been received by both critics and fans?
All of us in the band are very satisfied with Aeons Black:  it turned out very good and both media and fans seems to like it.

Do you view Aeons Black as a progression of the sound on your first three albums, or a consolidation of what has gone before?
I think it’s more of a consolidation.  We took back the groove that we had on both ‘Bleeding The False’ and ‘Rise To Dominate’ and retained the speed and aggression that we had on ‘Path Of Fire’.
To have the groove but still sound aggressive is a very important key for us when we make songs:  that’s what makes our sound.

Aeon Interview
Aeon Interview

Lyrically, were there any particular themes you were exploring this time around that perhaps you had not looked at on your earlier albums?
Lyrically it’s pretty much the same as always.

How do you approach the writing process:  do you have an end result in mind or does it just happen organically?
When it’s time to write songs then we we focus on the writing and we don’t stop until all in the band are satisfied.  We send files over the net to each other and when we think we have a full song then we meet up in the rehearsal room to try it out.

Which comes first:  the music or the lyrics, or is it a combination of both?
Usually the music.

When it comes to your lyrics, do you have a particular subject in mind – say, a particular subject which fits a riff – or, again, is it an organic process?
When I get a song that’s ready, I listen to it for hours and after a while the song has told me a story – and I put it down on paper.

Aeon Interview
Aeon Interview

Corpsegrinder is a big fan of the band:  do you think that having the endorsement of such a major player on the death metal scene makes it easier for you to open new doors, or is a challenge to live up to that level of expectation?
Cannibal Corpse has helped us a lot just by wearing Aeon t-shirts when they play live.
A lot of people have told me that they found us because they saw Corpsegrinder with an Aeon shirt.
I grew up listening to Cannibal Corpse so I think it’s cool as fuck.

You recently toured the UK;  how did that go for you?
It was cold as fuck – but it went pretty good.

That tour also included your first dates in Ireland; did you enjoy your visit here?
We did, yes. Ireland is a beautiful country and we hope to be back again soon.

So, what’s next on the Aeon horizon?   Are you hitting the festival circuit this summer?
We are on a tour now and a lot more is coming up – so stay tuned for more news…

You average an album release every other year… can we assume that it will be 2014 before we hear a new one?
I think by 2015 you will have a new Aeon album in your hands – but now our focus is on Aeons Black…



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