Sweden’s ELDKRAFT are the latest signing by A.A. Nemtheanga to Poison Tongue

Debut album “Shaman” available via Poison Tongue/Metal Blade in May of 2013! First single and artwork online!

Sweden’s ELDKRAFT is a musical constellation whose primary foundation rests on epic metal while drawing experimental influences from ancestral musical traditions of the North and spiritual guidance of its hermetic crafts. Shaman, the debut album, is a psychedelic trip gazed upon through contemporary elements, circumnavigating journeys of knowledge, growth and the ecstasy of the soul.

Comments Poison Tongue founder/PRIMORDIAL singer A.A. Nemtheanga on his latest signing: “I was turned on to Eldkraft by Mortuus from Marduk and instantly recognized even its raw demo form here was something genuine, and it had the potential to be a massive pagan metal album. Not the cartoon stuff but the real deal, immersed in ancient shamanism and traditions with the spirit of Bathory somewhere deep in its bones…Eldkraft!”

Their first single, Gammal Krigare, as well as album art and pre-order bundles are available now at metalblade.com/eldkraft.

ELDKRAFT‘s debut album, Shaman, will be released the 24th /27th of May, 2013 in Europe via Metal Blade Records on CD and LP and on CD on May 28th in North America.

2011 was the year when J. Sandin and H. Karlsson chose to embark on a different path, having reached the end of the line with previous projects and bands. After hearing demo recordings, Poison Tongue saw the potential of ELDKRAFT and expressed immediate interest.

With a record deal firmly in place, ELDKRAFT immortalized ten songs for their debut album in their own studio Epidemic, while N. Fjellstrom recorded the drums in studio Necromorbus. Mixing and mastering was completed under the watchful eye of Magnus Devo Andersson of Endarker Studio Sweden.

Shaman track listing:
1. Gammal Krigare
2. Undrets Tid
3. Fate’s Door
4. Moder Liv Till Grav
5. Ursprungskallan
6. Patterns
7. Granslos Grans
8. Grey Man
9. I Dodens Famn
10. Rimthurs

J.Sandin – all vocals & keys
H. Carlsson – all guitars & bass
N. Fjellstrom – drums




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