The Jimmy Bowskill Band – Back Number

The Jimmy Bowskill Band
Back Number
2012, Ruf Records
Rating: 4.5/5

3 out of 3 for Germany’s Ruf Records label. This is the third album I have on the label and it too is fantastic. Might be sheer coincidence but I am not going to jinx it.

Jimmy Bowskill is a Toronto, Ont Blues Rock guitarist and this is his 5th album and he is only in his early 20’s. That in itself is no small accomplishment. BACK NUMBER is more Rock than the previous pair of discs I just reviewed from the label. This album is more guitar driven with some fantastic riffs and solo’s. As with the Oli Brown album this one has it’s Black Crowes influenced songs. Jimmy’s are slightly more pronounced though. He doesn’t try and hide the influence nor does he rip them off. He stands on his own with some great playing and songs. It is for this reason that he should do well.

A fine release from Jimmy Bowskill that has made me take note to check out his earlier albums. Excellent guitarist that you will hear more from.