Oli Brown – Here I Am

Oli Brown
Here I Am
2012, Ruf Records
Rating: 5/5

Where do I begin? I discovered Oli’s music by total accident and I am glad I did. What an incredible album. This guy is quite an amazing guitarist and singer. Kind of reminiscent of Stevie Ray in places and Black Crowes in other spots. Not bad company to be in if you ask me.

The disc opens with the title track which is a great rocking number to get you started. This is a song that is Black Crowes-ish. He even says he ‘Don’t wanna be no Jimi or Stevie’ and he has done that. His playing has some great Blues and Rock elements to it which are very similar to what SRV did. Oli is carrying on that torch without becoming a clone or copycat. This style of British Blues Rock is carried on throughout the entire 12 songs on the disc and each and every one of them are fantastic. There are no filler tracks to be found on here. There are some more mellow moments on the album but they are well executed and not boring or sappy. Done in a true Blues fashion.

The only complaint that I have in regards to HERE I AM is that I never discovered it sooner. Buy it, crank it, enjoy it.