DECEASED tour w. Gravehill starts

Real metal institution DECEASED will be embarking on a mini-tour of the U.S. tomorrow, with Gravehill as direct support. Says DECEASED frontman King Fowley, “It’s time to smash it to the fucking wall! DECEASED and Gravehill on the march – ugly lives!” Adds Gravehill’s Mike Abominator, “We look forward to killing out on the road with the mighty DECEASED! The power of these stinky cadavers compells you!” Dubbed “March of the Cadavers,” the tour is confirmed for the following dates/venues:

March 8th @ ZIGGYS in Chattanooga, Tennessee *
March 9th @ HOOLIGANS in Albuquerque, New Mexico
March 10th @ ROCKY POINT CANTINA in Tempe, Arizonia
March 11th @ SLIDEBAR in Fullerton, California
March 12th @ THE JOINT in Los Angeles, California
March 13th @ ELBO ROOM in San Francisco, California
March 14th @ BURT’S TIKI LOUNGE in Salt Lake City, Utah
March 15th @ AQUALUNG in Denver, Colorado
March 16th @ FUBAR in St. Louis, Missouri *
* indicates no GRAVEHILL at these shows

In recent news, DECEASED announced work on their new album for HELLS HEADBANGERS, entitled Ghostly White. King Fowley had the following to say about the forthcoming Ghostly White: “This record will be a very produced musical journey that will capture the complete morbid side of DECEASED. If we do what we are setting out to do, it will ooze of dark melody without forgetting the rough aggressive edges and catchiness in the songwriting that we’ve kept in our sound since day one. There will be a complete haunting aura throughout the record! A few songs will be lengthy tracks, including a 15-minute ride. Fitting interludes will lock in the actual tracks, and little jolts of madness will also rear their ugly heads from time to time. This is a musical adventure we’ve been waiting to take, and now’s the time. Get out your woolen overcoats, the funeral is about to begin….”

DECEASED were formed in Arlington, Virginia in 1985 and have stood the test of time as one of the most unique and enduring underground metal bands around, with a sound that honors both classic death metal and traditional heavy metal alike. The first band to sign with Relapse Records, DECEASED released a stream of classic albums during the ’90s for the label, culminating in 2000’s Supernatural Addiction. During the Noughties, the band would release a prolific string of splits and compilations as well as two more celebrated albums, with their last one – 2011’s Surreal Overdose – being entirely self-released on CD. Although Ghostly White will mark the first brand-new DECEASED studio effort to see release through HELLS HEADBANGERS, the band’s relationship with the label stretches back to the past decade, as HELLS HEADBANGERS has licensed many DECEASED releases on vinyl, including the aforementioned Surreal Overdose on LP.

In other recent DECEASED news, HELLS HEADBANGERS reissued DECEASED’s celebrated classic Supernatural Addiction on CD and LP earlier this year. Featuring five bonus demo tracks and extensive liner notes from King Fowley, DECEASED’s masterfully haunting Supernatural Addiction was originally released in 2000 on Relapse Records. Finding widespread acclaim upon its original release, Supernatural Addiction saw these underground legends expand upon the epic narratives of the preceding Fearless Undead Machines but put into punchier, more concise attacks without losing any of drumming vocalist King Fowley’s characteristically creepy storytelling. Less “death metal” and more deathly heavy metal, this DECEASED album cemented their staus as one of the most unique and recognizable metal bands since the turn of the ‘90s. Feed your Supernatural Addiction here:

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