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“With OKKULT we want to start a very special album trilogy! OKKULT will be heavy, bombastic, but also bleak at the same time. The trilogy will not only consist of the most brutal and heaviest ATROCITY albums in years, but also the darkest longplayers in our history”, explains frontman Alex Krull. On the one hand the band utilizes lots of bombast and big choirs, while on the other hand ATROCITY offers pure, heavy, and authentic Metal songs that will get under the listeners skin. All elements of the sound are in perfect harmony. The fulminant production has a sweeping quality and gives the songs the necessary power, atmosphere and brutality. Thus, it is possible to dive right into the lyrical concept. The concept is more than one-dimensional: The lyrics concern itself with occult magic, mysterious places, to conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries. John Milton’s visions of “Pandæmonium” become reality. “Death By Metal”, a mysterious story of long gone times, is ATROCITY’s homage to their musical roots and at the same time their band hymn. The finishing touches for the gloomy atmosphere of OKKULT were provided by the Canadian sound designer Katie Halliday (known for acclaimed work on movies like “Saw V”, “Saw VI”, “Saw 3D (VII)”, “The Devil´s Carnival” or “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil”. She received numerous awards for her outstanding craft. The orchestral parts were recorded in Minsk with the “LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA” with Victor Smolski (RAGE) as the conductor. Besides all the heaviness and bombast, ATROCITY are demonstrating their excellent intuition for nice and catchy songs and wrote a real club hit with the catchy “Satans Braut”. Check out the band’s website for more details about the upcoming album and details about the first global treasure hunt in the Metal world!

Release Dates:
24.04.2013 ESP/SWE/NOR
26.04.2013 G/A/S/FIN & Benelux
29.04.2013 Rest of Europe
07.05.2013 USA/CAN

1.  Pandaemonium
2.  Death by Metal
3.  March of the Undying
4.  Haunted by Demons
5.  Murder Blood Assassination
6.  Necromancy Divine
7.  Satans Braut
8.  Todesstimmen
9.  Masaya
10. When Empires Fall to Dust
11. Beyond Perpetual Ice
12. La Voisine

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