Day 3 – 70,000 Tons Of Metal 2013: The Adventure

Day 3 – 70,000 Tons Of Metal 2013: The Adventure

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We awoke early to a beautiful day and Death Angel programmed into the alarm. What a great way to wake up on the highseas! After a quick morning routine Day Three was underway. The merchandise sales opened at 8:10am and by 10:00am the lineup was incredible. Fortunately, there were two merchants areas, one for band merchants in a larger concourse and a smaller one who just wanted a 70,000 Tons Shirt or ball cap.

I always feel sorry for the band that had to start first on the pool deck on the second day. This honour fell to Unexpect one of the few bands from Canada. There were a couple hundred curious souls in the bright sunshine on the breezy deck and a surprisingly large number of women, likely there to check out the power and charismatic performance of vocalist Leilindel. Her voice is so good that if they were based in Europe I’m sure they would be huge.

Unexpect - 6
Leilandi of Unexpect

As it stands the quirky avante-garde, progressive, death-jazz fusion (with backing tracks of violin, piano and sound effects instead of touring musicians) worked hard to wake up the crowd with their jarring, angular musical attack. My highlight was hearing ‘ in Velvet Coffins We Sleep’. I was proud of my fellow Canadians! I’d seen them a number of times so it was off to tackle the merch booth to get my ‘Tour’ shirt and make my way to see Steel Engraved.

Freaky guitar!
Freaky guitar!

Probably only a hundred people made it to the Spectrum Lounge to hear this American classic Power Metal quintet however they were very appreciative of the early supporters and gave a surprisingly energetic show. Steel Engraved (Must See #15) was one of the only bands I did not have any CD’s of bit after hearing their powerful Maiden/Priest inspired sound, I realized to track down their albums. Vocalist Marco Schober has a classic high powerful voice in the Halford/Dickinson vein. I think his mighty scream at the beginning of ‘Solitary Mission’ woke up everyone on the boat who was still asleep!

Steel Engraved - 6
Steel Engraved – Marco Schober

 Their sweet Power Metal was music to my ears (literally!) even at 11:00am. I especially enjoy checking out brand new (to me) bands. I found it amusing when the band sang happy birthday to the guy who came on stage dressed in some sort of pink French Maids outfit with a pink pirate hat and sandals, probably the result of some drunken bet that he lost from the night before!

Happy Birthday Galaxie!

Both bands at opposite ends of the ship had started on time so yesterday’s logistical delays were avoided, so far. A fresh start!

One of Russia’s biggest bands, Arkona, took the pool stage and we started to see quite a few more breakfast beers in the hands of the faithful. The pool deck was pretty crowded by lunch time. It is sort of odd to see corpulent, sunburned Germans suntanning, heavily tattooed girls in bikinis frolicking in the pool and well groomed servers in flowery Hawaiian shirts served tall, fruity drinks with umbrellas to skinny, pale Black Metal fans while the heavy folk infused melodies of Arkona entertained the crowd the hot sun.

Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun


Masha Arkhipova

 We had to miss the set of Etecc but it was a good trade off because we got to interview Victor Smolslki of Rage.