Upon Wings – Afterlife

Reviewed: March 2013
Released: 2013, Sword Of The Spirit
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

On of the more popular sub-genres of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal is the whole gothic, European style with female vocals. There are literally hundreds of bands across the globe in this style. Upon Wings is one of the newer ones.

A.A. Ericsson is the core of the American band and it seems to be a bit more of a project than a full-fledged touring act with permanent members, at least for the time being. AFTERLIFE is the title of this debut EP. The four songs run a total of only 14 minutes, I would like to hear much more! The cover is nice, and the production is quite good as well for a first effort.

Ericsson is a mezzo-soprano and she has a wonderful voice and a slightly understated delivery instead of a more epic, bombastic style. The lyrics are positive and quite heartfelt. The pace and tone of the four songs are quite mellow, never quite reaching a heaviness level beyond a Nightwish ballad for example. That\’s quite alright because the songs are still excellent they just could use a little more firepower or intensity. The cuts are neo-classical on style with the guitars buzzing along politely, adding a bit of grit.

I\’ll be honest, when I first read the bio about Upon Wings I wasn\’t impressed. The press kit/ bio cited a bunch of Nu-Metal and mainstream rock guys as being involved with the project (none of which have any credibility in the Metal community) and I actually was quite leery of even listening to it. However, I know better to judge an album by its cover (or media hype) kept an open mind and I discovered AFTERLIFE is a very commendable debut effort. A band to watch.


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Track Listing:
1. Afterlife
2. Take Away
3. You Are My Weapon
4. The Dream

Anne Autumn Erickson- Vocals


Glenn Brown Keyboards
Kevin Jardine Guitar
Brett Hestla Guitar, drums, vocals
Peter Tzaferis Drums