Relapse Records’ Pat Egan Video Biography Posted Online


Robert Bolger the creator/producer of the long in the making heavy metal recording industry documentary Behind The Suit And Tie has put together a short four minute video biography of Pat Egan, longtime director of retail sales and marketing for Relapse Records, who tragically passed away on Monday, February 18th after a battle with pneumonia and related complications.

The four minute clip which can be seen below was captured footage used in the final production for the yet to be released Behind The Suit And Tie documentary, shot in 2008 at the Sony building in NYC, edited down into a video biography of Pat discussing his career in the industry and his passion for heavy music.

Egan had been at Relapse for the past 15 years with the success of so many Relapse bands and records, bands including MASTODON, HIGH ON FIRE, BARONESS and RED FANG just to name a few. Before that, he’d worked at KOCH Records, Energy Records and Pavement Records, among others. His entry into the industry was at Long Island independent record store Looney Tunes, where he rose up the ranks from clerk to metal buyer to store manager before entering the record business.

Bolger comments: “Pat was a great dude who had a major passion for his job and heavy music, he will be missed in the metal community. my heartfelt condolences go out to Pat’s? family and friends.”

Proceeds from the yet to be released documentary Behind The Suit And Tie will go towards a college fund for Pat’s young daughter Katie.

Tentatively due via, Behind The Suit And Tie pulls no punches and features some of the prime movers in the heavy metal industry drawing back the veil of mystique surrounding the music business and addressing tough questions about the industry itself, how it’s run and where labels see their role in a digital future,” according to a press release.

Through a series of interviews with players from both indie and major labels, ‘Behind The Suit And Tie’ will showcase the truth of how the music industry is being affected by the downward spiral of CD sales and how new and up and coming artists must learn to adjust to changing times.”

Unlike most music documentaries more musician-focused approach, Behind The Suit And Tie will spend more time with the people behind the labels.

The film will contain insight from:

Carl Severson (Good Fight Entertainment, formerly of Ferret Music)
Paul Conroy (Good Fight Entertainment, formerly of Ferret Music)
Jason Lekberg (Eleven Seven, formerly of Epic Records)
Burt Goldstein (MVD), previous (Big Daddy distribution)
Eddie Trunk (VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show”)
Rob “Blasko” Nicholson (OZZY OSBOURNE)
Adam Watson (Plastic Head Distribution)
Bryan Mechutan (Demolition Records)
Alan Becker (SONY RED, Distribution)
Missi Callazzo (MegaForce Records)
Ray Harkins (Century Media Records)
Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)
Doug Keogh (Roadrunner Records)
Ed Rivadavia (DMX Inc, formerly of (RCA Music Group)
Al Dawson (Earache Records)
Pat Egan (Relapse Records)
David Ellefson (MEGADETH)
Gary Susalis (Music Choice)
Ged Cook (Demolition Records)
Ralph Graupner (Indevent Music)
Lee Barrett (Ascendance Records)
Ryan Forster (Moshpit Tragedy)



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