Abiotic – Interview with John Matos

Abiotic Interview – John Matos

Interviewed by Katherine Tullett

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2012 has been a busy year for Abiotic! With the release of Symbiosis, a tour and a new endorsement with World renowned guitar company ESP, it’s a wonder the band has an energy left for 2013. Well, with yet ANOTHER tour being planned and writing well under way it is safe to say the Florida Quintuplet are not ready to stop doing their thing quite yet! Luckily for us, we were able to steal John, guitarist, for a quick little interview about the bands upcoming plans for this year and we were able to find out just how busy Abiotic have truly been!

You’ve just finished touring, now that you’re not out and about are you planning to start writing again?

John Matos (JM) – The writing process for our second record is in full motion! We’re roughly two songs deep in the process and are very excited to show the world some new material.

You also posted a few statuses in regards to a band you plan to tour with, are you planning on touring with any big names in the future?

JM – We very much hope to! We’ve got some big things planned. Not much we can discuss right now, but you will be seeing a lot of us this year!

If you guys were to have your dream line-up, who would be on the bill?

JM – That’s a tough one! My personal dream lineup (which could be something different tomorrow) would probably be a Death + Cynic co-headliner with Necrophagist as direct support, The Faceless in the 4th slot, and us opening!

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When can we expect some new releases?

JM – We don’t have an exact time frame on some new tunes just yet, but we’re thinking early next year.

Since being endorsed by ESP has there been any chance to how you are perceived/how people look at how you compose your leads?

JM – There has been a new chance for me to connect with some different fans and give them my opinion on the guitars since the endorsement. I have been asked question in regards to my leads and the leads on the record. People seem to be enjoying them very much!

Will there be any changes in gear preferences since ESP and what will you live set ups include from now on?

JM – Well since the ESP endorsement, we have been sent some great guitars and will be playing ESP guitars on stage without a doubt. My personal live set up includes an ESP LTD BUZ-7 guitar, Peavey 5150, Axe FX Ultra, Orange 4 x 12 cab, and a Behringer midi pedal.

How has your fan base changed since the release of Symbiosis?

JM – The release has allowed us to reach so many new ears. We have such an amazing, dedicated fan base that seems to grow every day. We cannot be more grateful to those who support us!

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Have your live shows changed at all since its release?

JM – The shows have gotten more intense for sure. Crowds have been bigger and the response has been overwhelming, to say the least.

You managed to get your first album out on Metal Blade and it’s still fairly early days for you, how did you get signed to them?

JM – We self-released a 7 song EP late 2010 and a music video January of 2011. Shortly after the music video’s release, we received an e-mail from Metal Blade asking what our situation was and if we were ready to tour. The e-mail was 100% out of the blue. I will never forget the feelings I got when reading that e-mail the first time through.

From what we can see of your influences, the styles are quite broad, how did you arrive at your current sound and musical style?

JM – Everyone in the band brings something different to our style for sure, which is why I enjoy it so much. There aren’t too many limits with the writing. Every idea gets tried out. I think that’s helped us develop a style that we really enjoy.

Any final words for your fans and people inspired by your early successes?

JM – Work hard, set goals, be professional, organized, and humble. Best of luck to all of you and thank you so much for your continued support.




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