Bonded By Blood Interview

Bonded by Blood Interview

@ The Black Heart, Camden

Interviewed by Caitlin Smith

Photography by Jo Blackened

Bonded By Blood
Bonded By Blood

Just half an hour before doors are supposed to open at the Underworld for the show that night, I’m waiting in the rain outside the Black Heart for drummer, Carlos. In a quiet corner of the pub, we settle down with a couple of pints for a quick chat on life, touring and all things music.
Hey thanks for joining us today! For people who don’t know you, can you describe your sound?

Carlos: I guess you could say thrash metal, I mean I wouldn’t say pure thrash or pure metal but it’s got a lot of roots that people can pick out. All our influences are so different. We try to get as unique a sound as we can with, I guess you could say, the most un-unique name. [laughs]

Bonded By Blood
Bonded By Blood

So your name is an Exodus song I’m guessing, are they a big influence of yours?

Carlos: Album. Yes, the first Exodus album. It’s weird because the band is Bonded by Blood, but when the band first started it wasn’t really like we were trying to take something and then go somewhere with it and use it to draw people in, it was just something for fun. We just never knew the band would go anywhere. Bonded by Blood sounds cool, and once we started actually doing things we just didn’t want to change the name.

So how do you think your brand of thrash is different from other thrash artists?

Carlos: Again, I think all our influences. Sometimes it doesn’t show, but we try our best to be as unique as possible as far as writing music. Especially when it comes to the drums and guitar, that’s like the most important thing in writing a record.

So you’ve just release ‘The Aftermath.’ How do you think that has been received?

Carlos: In the US, not so well. I think everywhere else, people are enjoying it more because I think people are a lot less judgmental of the band. With a new singer, new bass player, one guitar, people just don’t bother to pick it up.

Bonded By Blood
Bonded By Blood

Has there been any distinct musicial developments between the albums?

Carlos: Yeah, I mean over the years, we’re getting a lot better at our instruments, the writing process and the studio process. We’re just learning a lot as we go, and with each album, and every year that passes. These days me and Juan, our guitar player, just know what each other wants when were trying to like make a song. I had a riff idea and he knows how to put it out, when he has drum ideas or anything, we know how to work with each other.

Are there any lyrical themes running through the album?

Carlos: There are. There are a lot of hidden underscores with a lot of songs, mainly just talking about world corruption and environmental chaos, stuff like that.

So just stuff that pisses you off?

Carlos: Yeah!

So you’ve played a number of shows in the UK now, do you like playing the UK?

Carlos: We love playing in the UK; it’s actually one of the best places to play.

Good answer! What’s the best show you’ve ever played?

Carlos: Ever? Probably Bloodstock in the UK. We got to open the main stage on the last day. That was awesome!

What would be your dream tour line up?

Carlos: Oh no, man. That question is just horrible, but I love it because it’s just AGH! Most of the bands I’d like to tour with these days aren’t even around anymore, but I mean if you were talking more relevant bands, I don’t even know…

Go for anyone. Dead or Alive!

Carlos: I cannot decide at all, there’s way to many I would want to tour with. No, honestly, there’s too many.
It’d be like a 30 band tour! [laughs]

Bonded By Blood
Bonded By Blood

Who has the worst habits on tour?

Carlos: Habits? I think Mauro gets drunk too much, but that’s his thing. [laughs]
It’s his trademark…he likes the whisky!

What can we expect from Bonded by blood in the coming year?

Carlos: Well, as soon as we get back after doing this tour we’re going to start writing our forth record and I don’t know; we feel like we’re ready to write another record already. I know it’s kind of fast, but our goal is to have a back-to-back year of records. We feel that right now we’re in the zone of writing music. We could have kept writing when we wrote The Aftermath, we had tons of ideas. These days it’s a lot easier for us to write because we have new members, and me and Juan collaborate really well. Hopefully we can do that, just go in the studio and have something out by the end of the year.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Carlos: Looking forward to seeing you all at the show!



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