The Beach Boys – Live In Concert (Blu-Ray)

The Beach Boys
Live In Concert (Blu-Ray)
2012, Fontana
Rating: 4/5

One of the many reunions we never expected to see. Who would have thought that Brian Wilson would ever be in the same room as Mike Love let alone set foot on a stage with him? I know I didn’t think it would ever happen. It may have been a short lived reunion but we have this release to remember it by.

This Blu-Ray is a mixed bag. The quality is perfect in every aspect but this is not a complete concert. There are many songs omitted from what sources say. This day in age there is no excuse for that. Every song from this show should have been released on here to give the fans the complete experience. The other gripe is that it is too Mike Love heavy. The other members of the band should get more camera and feature show. This is not a Mike Love solo show!

On a more positive note what we do get is well filmed documentation of what this band can actually do when they try. Their performance is solid and they all do an excellent job, especially Brian. For myself it is when Brian takes to the mic that the true sound of The Beach Boys is heard. Him and his brothers were the sound of the band. It is too bad that Dennis and Carl are not around to be a part of this. The footage we do get is first rate visually and an average mix in the audio sense.

Many of the group’s classic songs are performed as well as newer ones which gives us fans a nice cross selection of their material. As I mentioned above it would have been nice to have more of the songs performed included. Maybe next time?