Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender (Blu-Ray)

Freddie Mercury
The Great Pretender (Blu-Ray)
2012, Eagle Vision
Rating: 4.5/5

Clocking in just over 100 minutes this documentary on one of the greatest frontmen to ever have lived is packed with footage and information. Much of the footage used to make this is exclusive including interview clips by the people that surrounded him. Their reflections on Freddie shed a brighter light on what made made him the showman the Rock world came to know and love.

THE GREAT PRETENDER touches lightly on his early days from being born in Zanzibar to school in India before moving to England and going to college to meeting Brian and Roger. The film focuses mainly on his solo career and his love for Opera. Even his personal life is touched on but not in detail as his private life was just that, private and remains so to this day. The end of his life however is shown in great detail. Not the personal facts but how how he coped with living with HIV. A very sad yet informative section of the film.

This is an extremely well made documentary film that showcases one of the greatest showman who ever graced a stage. His legacy will live on and THE GREAT PRETENDER is a testament to that.