Bloodbound – Interview with guitarist Tomas Olsson

Bloodbound – Interview with guitarist Tomas Olsson

Interview by EvilG

Bloodbound - Band Photo (2012)
Bloodbound – Band Photo (2012)

One of the better releases from 2012 was Bloodbound’s IN THE NAME OF METAL.  The album brought to mind such bands as HammerFall, Dream Evil, Accept, and other classic heavy metal. I recently had the opportunity to pose some questions to guitarist Tomas Olsson about the band, their latest album, and upcoming plans…enjoy!

What does the album title “In the Name of Metal” represent to you?

We try to honour the tradition of metal and at the same time add something new to it. We don’t follow the main stream and play the latest fashion or style. Metal is about not give a shit what other people think and stand up for yourself. You don’t have to look or do the same things as everybody else is doing.

The video for the song “In the Name of Metal” is also done in a classic way, sort of like an 80’s Dio video that tells the story of a struggling young metalhead. Did the band provide input into story direction for the video?

The director Thomas Tjäder had the basic idea with the kid living for metal, and then I wrote the script/story. The performance parts are shot in an old train workshop. We wanted to create an urban environment with lots of fire and pyro to go with the album cover artwork and the feel of the song.

Does having a pro video open any doors for Bloodbound?

Yes, I think it has helped us a lot. We get more gig offers and more response from the fans. It was about time that we made a video. We have had plans to do it earlier, but we didn’t want to settle with just an “ok” video. When we got the chance to work with a professional director we decided to go for it.

Bloodbound "In The Name Of Metal"
Bloodbound “In The Name Of Metal”

Another 80’s flashback is depicted with the cover art and what was once very commonplace – a boom box or as some called it back then a “ghetto blaster” hah!    Just curious – why does the demon dude have a mohawk though? That’s more punk…why not long hair? Not that it really matters that much…haha

We wanted our mascot “Nosferatu” to have the same attitude as the opening track “In The Name Of Metal”, so we thought, why not a metal spike Mohawk!

The title track immediately brought to mind the epicness of Dream Evil’s metal hymn “The Book of Heavy Metal”.  Would you say that song or band has been a bit of an influence or at least inspiration?

Yes, it has kind of the same vibe, Dream Evil is a good band that is not afraid to take things “over the top”, like us! ha!

How would you say that the album In the Name of Metal differs from your previous Unholy Cross (2011)?

Unholy Cross was a step forward for us, both production and songwriting wise, it’s a solid album. We wanted “In The Name Of Metal” to stand out more, not just being a good and very polished album. We wanted the listener to go “Holy shit!”, “That’s cool!”, “That’s over the top!”, or even break out in a laugh, just get a strong reaction.

Bloodbound - Unholy Cross
Bloodbound – Unholy Cross

It’s not as common these days for a band to have albums out back to back with one in 2011 and the new one in 2012. Is it that you guys have been so prolific with the writing on the previous album that a lot was left over to use, or did you just have the time to devote to a new album and recording was quicker than expected?

When Patrik and Anders joined the band in 2010 we got new energy into the band. It felt like a new start and it gave us a lot of inspiration. We didn’t have much material left over from “Unholy Cross”, we just felt inspired to make a new album as soon as possible, so we kept writing songs.

Do you think we’ll see another album in late 2013 and will it also be released via AFM Records?

I don’t think it will be that early…the next album will probably be released in the first half of 2014. We have to be 100% satisfied with the material, that’s the most important thing. It will be released via AFM Records.

Have most reactions from fans been positive regarding the new album? What is the most common compliment AND the most common criticism that you’ve heard?

We kind of felt that this album would cause some strong reactions. That was part of what we were aiming for when we wrote it. Love it or hate it. Our fans like it, others think it’s too catchy, some even hate it. No pain no gain!! ha!


I for one, love the new album. I hear nods to Manowar, Hammerfall, Dream Evil, and even a little “No More Tears” (Ozzy). Do you consider your style “power metal”, or do you prefer to just call it “heavy metal” and leave the anal compartmentalization and classifications to those who worry about such things?

We are influenced by a lot of classic metal bands. I don’t really care what people call it, but I guess “classic metal” is a good description, but heavy/power works fine too. 🙂


Your website doesn’t list a lot in the way of upcoming tour dates yet. What kind of a tour for this album is being planned?

We are actually planning a European tour at the end of March 2013. Don’t know any details yet, but we are looking forward to finally play some new songs live.

I know it’s a long shot as bands from Europe often have a hard time getting over here, but do you think one day you’ll be able to do some touring here in Canada and the USA?

I really hope so, maybe as a support act it would be possible. We are currently talking to a major booking agency, so we will see what happens.

Bloodbound hasn’t always had a stable line-up, how stable does the current line-up feel?

We feel that we have a stable line-up now, we have had some problems in the past, but we finally feel that everything is working perfectly.

What kind of things keeps you guys busy when you are not writing, recording, rehearsing, playing live…etc?

I like to go fishing, at the moment it’s 1 meter of snow and -5 degrees outside, so it’s a good time for some nice pike ice-fishing, of course with some whiskey to keep you warm…ha!


Are all members just on Bloodbound or do you all play in other bands? Is Bloodbound each member’s main band?

All members more or less have other projects on the side, but Bloodbound is the main band.


Do you agree that metal does indeed RULE?  🙂

Metal is the foundation of everything, so it must RULE!


Thanks for your time! If there’s anything we didn’t ask that you’d like to let our readers know about, please let us know!

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