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The Best of 2011

Our yearly poll for the best albums of the year. Check out the staff lists for each persons picks plus their selected for such categories as best DVD/Blu-Ray of the year, best metal book of the year, best new book, disappointments of 2011, greatest hopes for 2012, etc.

Past Polls

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Top 10 One Album Heavy Metal Wonders Best of 2005 – Check out our overall top 30 derived from each staff member’s top 20 of the year. Within each staff members list is their best DVD of 2005, best new band, greatest hopes for 2006, and of course their disappointments for 2005. Best of 2004 – Another year and another load of “best of” lists are making their way online and into the zines. This year we’ve went with an overall top 35 list. As well you can view each staff writer’s top 20, best new band, DVD, disappointments of 2004, and greatest hopes for 2005. Best of 2003 – Check out what we choose as the Top 50 heavy metal albums for 2003. You can also view each staff member’s top 20 lists, selections for best DVD of the year, best new band, etc.

Top 50 Glam Metal Albums – Glam metal, hair metal, cock rock, pop metal, guilty pleasures(?)….call it what you will, here are the albums that we have collectively chosen as the top 50 glam metal albums.

Top 50 Extreme Metal Albums – Death metal, black metal, extreme thrash….lets have a look at what makes up our top 50 extreme metal albums.

The Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums – Is such a list possible? It was hard to narrow it down, but we’ve done it. It may not be perfect, but it’s loaded with a lot of EXCELLENT metal albums!!

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Tournament of the Gods – The greatest metal band of all-time.

The Best of 2001 – Check out the site’s overall top 10 and each writer’s top 20 picks. (Top Sellers of 2001 – some of the best selling albums of the year).

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