Exclusive Interview with Legendary Axe Man K.K. Downing (Judas Priest)

K.K. Downing
K.K. Downing

Guitarist, formerly of Judas Priest, K.K. Downing takes some time out to look back at his life long career in music.

K.K. speaks about his roots as a guitarist, the formation of Judas Priest, the history of “Heavy Metal”, his latest project performing as a guest guitarist on the classic Who song, “Eminence Front” for the album, “Who Are You? An All Star Tribute to the Who”, his gratitude towards his fans and retirement from the kings of Heavy Metal, Judas Priest.

K.K. Downing (on his career): “I can’t really list the highs or lows as there have been too many to mention. Except for getting to where I am and it is all thanks to the loyal fans.”

Read the Full KK Downing Interview Here: www.guitarhoo.com/articles/kk-downing_93




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