STEEL PANTHER @ Hammersmith Apollo, London

Steel Panther

@ Hammersmith Apollo, London

15th November 2012

Review by Ash Blackblood

Photography by Taya Uddin

Steel Panther Rock! If it was the ONLY thing they could do properly it would be this. 

The glammed out 80’s pisstake-rockers have their residency at West Hollywood’s "House Of Blues", but tonight they grace the Hammersmith Apollo to an almost completely sold out, leather clad audience.


To Kick off, after the lights had dimmed and curiosities have risen, a "big screen" is revealed, and we see the boys "warming up" with groupies, and making a suitably decadent entrance to the stage.


‘Supersonic Sex Machine’ off their latest offering ‘Balls Out’ is first to enter our nasal cavities… naked women, and testicles in your face is, what I believe we as a nation have come to love/hate about them respectively.  

Being their biggest UK headline show to date, neither ingredients of this Steel Panther sex stew where missing. ‘Asian Hooker’ being the belter of a song that it is, receives a raucous response and even just 2 pints in, the combination of stand-up and genuinely well written songs could not fail to entertain me.

I couldn’t help but feel that the songs from their first album ‘Feel The Steel’ where met with the most popularity.

Guitar legend Vivian Campbell of ‘Def Leppard’s reception is swallowed whole by virtually every heavy metal fan in the crowd and the show ends with  ‘Death To All But Metal’.

After a rain of confetti amd several hundred adoring adolescent  girls scrabble to the stage, they come back to give us ‘Community Property’ which is as satirically sensational as it is suitably seedy. Great Gig guys!

"Keep on Rockin’, Don’t stop shockin!’ "


Supersonic Sex Machine

Tomorrow Night

Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)

Asian Hooker

Just Like Tiger Woods

Let Me Cum In

If You Really Really Love Me

Guitar Solo

Turn Out the Lights

It Won’t Suck Itself

Girl From Oklahoma

That’s What Girls Are For

Party All Day (Fuck All Night)

Rainbow in the Dark  (Dio cover)(with Vivian Campbell)

Death to All but Metal (with Vivian Campbell)


Community Property

Eyes of a Panther

Girls in a Row



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