NIGHTWISH – ‘The Imaginaerum World Tour’ @ Tito Puente Amphitheatre, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Nightwish -‘Imaginaerum World Tour’

@ Tito Puente Amphitheatre, San Juan, Puerto Rico

1st December 2012

Review by Dennis Rivera

Photos by Fran Jaume

The symphonic metal legends from Finland have finally come to Puerto Rico!

There’s no doubt that this was the most anticipated concert of the year, and due the announcement of Anette Olzon parted away from the band there was some intrigue about what was going to happened. Later the announcement of Floor Jansen as replacement for Olzon really helped for some of the undecided fan to go and see this combination performed.

The Tito Puente Amphitheatre was full since early hours of the day, people gathered in the parking area as the usually do for big events, waiting for the concert to start. The security was doing a good job everything was running smooth and organized, but we got a little problem to enter, the press list was incomplete at the front door area. Security won’t let us enter; again they were doing their job, so we got to wait for a while until this problem was solved.

We manage to call a friend working with the production and he solved the situation, but by the time we enter the Amphitheatre the opening band already started, we missed some songs but actually made it to see part of the performance.

The opening act was none other than Ramon Ortiz, the guitarist known for bands like PUYA and ANKLA brought us some of his new solo project called ORTIZ.


ORTIZ performed 5 songs of his upcoming new album self-titled “ORTIZ”.

Ramon was accompanied by Oscar Santiago on drums, Julio Cotto on bass and Giovanni Martinez on vocals.


The performance was a short one but delivered some of his characteristic latin metal (similar to Puya and Ankla) with a more progressive feeling, not leaving the fast and aggressive riffs that made the crowd jump and bang their heads. 

Ramon is a great guitarist and his performance was proving of that, showing his technicality and great combination of styles to create his own sound.

This was a great way to start off the night, but shame we didn’t get to see the full set!

Set list:




Eso Eh!

Living Leyend. (Cofresi)

Around 10:00pm the lights turn off, we all know it was time for NIGHTWISH.

The crowd was anxious and ready for the band. The band started with the “Crimson Tide” Intro followed by “Storytime”.


The crowd exploded as the band took the stage, but the one stealing the show tonight was Floor.

Her amazonic presence, powerful voice and energy are simply one of a Metal goddess.


This talented woman of metal has an awesome control of the stage with a beautiful, strong and sexy figure that captures all the attention.


She amazed the crowd with her headbanging and the interaction with the band feels like she has been playing with this band for years.

I’m not a big Nightwish fan, I liked them with Tarja and when she left, I just lost interest in the band; I didn’t like the band with Anette but Floor fits perfect in the band. She performed all the song with no problem giving the Anette songs more life and energy and while with the Tarja era songs she hit nicely her high notes not copying Tarja, she gave her touch to the songs with her own voice and style.

The fans seems pleased with Floor some of them called her a “Hybrid” of the two former vocalists, the best of two worlds. I got to say that she have improved a lot, comparing this performance to others I got the chance to see on youtube, this got to be the best show she has done.

The band energy was all time high, they seemed to enjoy the show and the fans.

They were having a good time and in some point amazed with the loud puertorrican crowd.

The stage was set with the entire “Imaginaerum” theme; the lighting and sound were great.

Tuomas Holopainen melodies in the keyboard lead the band creating an epic atmosphere tonight.

Emppu Vuorinen was responsable for some heavy riffs and melodies, sometimes the guitar got lost between the other instruments and  I think a little bit of volume could help. Marco Hietala bass attack was clear and powerful, he also did the male vocals parts and really impressed me, his good vocal range he can do high notes very well.

The drums where loud and powerful, Jukka Navalainen did a great job and is very entertaining to watch him play. Troy Donockley accompanied the band doing backing vocals and played other instruments like the guitars, pipe, flute and others.

Definitely this band gave an awesome display of music greatness; they are great musicians and know how to bring a good show.

Set list:


Dark Chest of Wonders

Wish I Had an Angel

Ever Dream


The Siren

I Want My Tears Back    (with Troy Donockley)

Nemo    (with Troy Donockley)

Last of the Wilds (with Troy Donockley)

Planet Hell

Ghost River

Over the Hills and Far Away    (Gary Moore cover)


Ghost Love Score


Last Ride of the Day



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