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Tank - War Machine Live DVD
Tank – War Machine Live DVD

The first live DVD by the legendary British band Tank is now available in Europe (in USA on December, 11th). The material entitled “War Machine Live” features live performances filmed in Poland in 2011 and 2012 plus band interviews, on the road footage and more. As part of the promotion of the DVD and their most recent album “War Nation”, Tank prepared a video for the title song taken from the album. You can see the preview of the DVD on Metal Mind Productions’ official channel on YouTube in THIS location.

The DVD was just reviewed by the journalist of the UK’s website SonicAbuse. Here is a small snippet of the review: “For those unhampered by an unhealthy resistance to change, this DVD, filmed live at Poland’s awesome Stodola venue (in Warsaw), offers up as clear an argument for Tank having continued as you could wish to see. Stodola has a grand history of live recordings with acts such as Soulfly and Therion having filmed shows there and Tank’s DVD is of a similar quality – well filmed, with plenty of close-up shots and with pristine audio on the soundtrack – but it’s Tanks self-assured performance that seals the deal. Doogie fits in like he’s always been there, equally assured singing old material as he is belting out highlights from the recent albums, while the band lay down a mountainous wall of sound behind him. And speaking of highlights – this set is absolutely filled with them: from the opening strains of ‘this means war’, the perfect introduction to Tank’s riff-heavy metal machine; through the stunning ‘judgment day’ which is, with no word of a lie, as good as anything Iron Maiden produced at their peak with its blistering solos, molten-metal chorus and Doogie’s vital performance; to the closing drama of ‘the war drags ever on’, tank’s performance is never anything less than exemplary and the band comfortably belt out tracks from across their entire recorded history, making sure that their legacy receives equal footing to their current crop of excellent recordings.”

You can read the entire review at THIS location.

Limited Edition of the DVDs signed by the band can be ordered HERE.



1. This Means War

2. Judgement Day

3. Echoes of a Distant Battle

4. Phoenix Rising

5. Feast of the Devil

6. Honour and Blood

7. Great Expectations

8. T.W.D.A.M.O

9. Don’t Dream in the Dark

10. Power of the Hunter

11. (He Fell in Love with a) Stormtrooper

12. The War Drags Ever On


Bonus video:


„War Nation” video

Interview with Mick Tucker, Cliff Evans, and Doogie White

Live at Metal Hammer Festival 2011

At the Studio / On the Road




Photo gallery



Desktop images



The band is promoting the DVD on the following gigs:

Dec 14th 2012 – CLUB FULLHOUSE, Ter Apel, Holland
Dec 15th 2012 – MOONLIGHT METAL FESTIVAL, Tongeren – Belgium
April 14th 2013 – PPM FESTIVAL, Mons, Belgium
May 17th – 19th 2013 – ROCKHARD FESTIVAL, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Tank – current line-up: Mick Tucker (guitars), Cliff Evans (guitars), Doogie White (vocals), Chris Dale (bass guitar) and Steve Hopgood (drums).



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