Finnish Metal Celebrates It’s 30th Year Anniversary

Exactly 30 years ago (1982) “Moottorilinnut” (Motorbirds) Album was released by Kimmo Kuusniemi Band. It was the First Finnish Metal Album sung in Finnish.

The album also hit some other “firsts”: it featured one of the first female metal singers, Muska Babitzin, sister of the late Kirka Babitzin. Muska sang three tracks on the recording. Muska’s “Metallinen Sateenkaari” (Metallic Rainbow) and Kirka’s “Tuhannen Megawatin Totuus” (Truth of 1000 Megawatts) have become Finnish metal anthems and even karaoke favourites.

In 1982 Kimmo Kuusniemi also produced and directed a full album length music video for Moottorilinnut. It was the first full album length metal promo in Finland, and maybe in the world.

Kimmo Kuusniemi Band had been known as Sarcofagus, a true pioneer of heavy metal. Sarcofagus was formed in 1977 and had already released the first Finnish heavy rock single “GoTo Hell-All Those Lies” in 1979, and albums “Cycle Of Life” 1979 and “Envoy of Death” 1980. From these especially Envoy of Death has reached cult status heavily influencing future metal generations.

All these early recordings have now been re-released by Finnish SVART Records as luxury edition vinyls.

Kimmo Kuusniemi says: “It is great to hear that my music influenced many and found a following. And the SVART record releases are a great bonus, they even released our first “Live In Studio 1979” tape as a Luxury Vinyl. It is especially nice to see Moottorilinnut Album and DVD in proper distribution, for the first time ever. Only 30 years later! Maybe it was about time…

Moottorilinnut video changed my career path and made me into an international film maker. A few years ago my International TV documentary “Promised Land Of Heavy Metal” took me back to my roots and also tells about the phenomenal explosion of the Finnish metal scene.”

Sarcofagus has recently recorded “Back From The Dead” album, 13 tracks recorded live in studio in one day, featuring a selection of songs from all the old albums that were performed by Sarcofagus Finnish tour in 2010.

Just like with Moottorilinnut video project the band is now working on a groundbreaking DVD that will be released with the recording.

Some links to videos from Moottorilinnut (Motorbirds 1982) DVD featuring Kirka and Muska Babitzin and still Sarcofagus present day singer Jukka Ritari.

Tuhannen Megawatin Totuus featuring Kirka Babitzin

Elävien hautausmaa featuring Muska Babitzin

Talo featuring Jukka Ritari

Veistoksen ajatuksia featuring Kirka Babitzin



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