Accept: Tampere Finland



Pakkahuone Club, Tampere


The  6th of November 2012

There are only a handful of bands that survive and proper this well after a radical frontman change. The legendary German heavy metal gods Accept is one of those having succeeded in maintaining  success despite the absence of the legendary voice of Accept, Udo Dirkschneider.  The current frontman, Mark Tornillo, has melted the cold metal hearts world wide and has won the metal audience to his side. Of course, the two latest Accept albums have presented pure metal at its best. It wasn’t any unexpected surprise as the Pakkahuone club was nearly fully packed by fans of old school heavy metal.

Before the five piece metal legends unleashed their teutonic terror, the Estonian folk forest metallers Metsatol had been booked to open up for Accept. It was obvious the band was purely honored about having the great opportunity about supporting Accept. The band’s singer recalled when the corrupted secret police raided and smashed the RUSSIAN ROULETTE album and blamed it as “capitalist crap”. Well as for Metsatol in general, the audience showed polite interest toward the Estonian metal combo. Even though the sounds were a little bit distorted, the folk based metal roared loud out of speakers.

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After the mandatory roadie break, Accept kicked the set off by nailing the audience down with two new songs off from the latest STALINGRAD album. The set was followed by classic metal tunes picked up from most of their 80’s albums. The 120 minute set was pure a blitzkrieg of the old classic heavy metal with melodic riffs, ultimate great songs, great performance and mandatory solos. The set consisted of all the essential Accept classic tunes such as “Breaker, Restless And Wild, Metal Heart, Monsterman” and tons more. As for the newer songs on the set  being “Hellfire, Stalingrad, Pandemic” etc. All in all the new material fits perfectly along with older classic songs and it indeed sounded like Accept, what else? Apparently “Stanlingrad” sounded a bit lighter than expected. The whole uber massive gig was concluded by “Balls To The Wall”.

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As for the sound, believe or not, they were astonishingly great and above all had been turned to the maximum level making the heart pump out of the chest. The mixer guy had managed to create the crystal clear sounds without any distortion or other problems. Obviously, some minor technical problems occurred when Baltes wondered where his earplugs were and Herman Frank struggled with his guitars a bit.

As stated above, Tornillo has won the audience over, and he is indeed the right man to front Accept. His charisma as a front man and a stage performance are true metallic unique as well as above all strong. His raspy voice crowned the whole metallic event. Even though Mark Tornillo handled the job more than perfectly, the whole show was stolen by the guitarist Wolf Hoffman whose performance was more than a circus performance with skilled playing and intense performance. The man’s devotion and passion to playing is nothing but admirable. Instead Herman Frank remained most of the set in the background. Well he has always been more like “walking in the shadows” since the Victory days. Occasionally he got to the front to share the double guitaring with Hoffman, but mostly spent the time on the side. Peter Baltes being another core of the band appeared to be as restless and wild as Hoffman. The drummer Stefan Schwarzmann’s foot unleashd the ear blowing soundworld.

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Accept has rehearsed a lot and practiced all the essential movements to make them happen and carry out on time. To be honest, the legendary German metal giant Accept is in vicious strike, making the metal heart of the old fan pump fast as a shark. As also stated above, the whole five piece is a deadly strike through the 120 minute set, nothing can be added to that at all, absolutely nothing. It is sure every Accept fan must have been humming those songs played at the gig the following day.  

Hung, Drawn and Quartered


Restless and Wild

Losers and Winners



Bucket Full of Hate


Shadow Soldiers

Neon Nights


Aiming High

Princess of the Dawn

Up to the Limit

No Shelter


Fast as a Shark


Metal Heart

Teutonic Terror

Balls to the Wall


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