The Beach Boys; The 2012 ReMasters

The Beach Boys

2012 ReMasters

Capitol Records

Rating: 4.5/5

Let me begin by saying that I enjoy the music of The Beach Boys but I am unfamiliar with most of their catalog except for the PET SOUNDS album, SMiLE and their latest. Up until now all I owned apart from these were a few compilations. These new reissues for 2012 for someone like myself are near perfect. They sound fantastic and look equally as good.

For these new reissues Capitol has gone with the same style of packaging as they have in the past for the John Lennon ReMasters, The Beatles Stereo ReMasters as well as the McCartneys. These all look excellent but a little booklet with notes and pictures would have been a nice added touch. They are all glossy cardboard gatefolds that are similar to LP’s.

Apart from PET SOUNDS all of these albums were brand new to my ears. Yes, I knew many of the songs but some I was hearing for the first time. These sound excellent and very well done. Some online critics have complained that they are Louder than some previous issues or compressed or not the exact original mix. I am far from an audiophile but I do enjoy a nice sounding album as much as the next person and these sound more than fine.

PET SOUNDS from this lot is not the best sounding version of this album which is The Beach Boys’ most highly acclaimed release. The Audio Fidelity CD of the mono version is simply beautiful as is the SACD on Mobile Fidelity for the Stereo version. If you do not want to pay the extra few dollars for those version then this version will more than satisfy.

The entire dozen albums are wonderful and enjoyable to listen to. These will be well played on my systems. I just hope that the sales and responses are good and Capitol will ReIssue WILD HONEY, 20/20 and FRIENDS in the new year along with the debut and HOLLAND.