BANGER FILMS – campaign to realize Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal “The Lost Episode” – YOUR help is needed

Global Grassroots Initiative Aims To Unite Metal Fans and Musicphiles to Help Make
Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal “The Lost Episode”

Due to an overwhelming demand from metal fans worldwide, Grammy-nominated and Juno award-winning Banger Films is setting out to raise funds to make what has become known as “The Lost Episode” a reality. Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal “The Lost Episode” covers co-director Sam Dunn’s favourite genres: Death Metal, Black Metal and Grindcore, and he is reaching out to metal fans to help make it happen.

“Hundreds of fans have emailed us demanding, pleading, that we do this episode,” says Banger Films co-founder Sam Dunn. “So in response we’re launching an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funding within the Metal community to finance the episode. The goal is to raise $175,000 in 90 days!” The campaign kicked off Friday, September 14th. Details of the campaign, including cool donor gifts at various contribution levels can be found here:

What you get for your donations:

Pre-Order of The Lost Episode – Pre-order your digital download copy of The Lost Episode of Metal Evolution to be delivered by password protected link directly to your inbox when it’s finished.

The Unholy Scripture – The complete transcripts of the entire Metal Evolution series (over 300 pages) – right from our deliverables package required by broadcasters – get a word for word look at the series. It also comes with the credits including cast, crew, music and archival footage. Sam will even share a note describing his highlights from the making of each episode.

Scutifer Ov Sonneillon – Digital download link, The Unholy Scripture (series transcripts) and a Special Thanks on our website.

Neophyte Ov Verin – Digital download link and Special Thanks acknowledgement in the end credits.

Disciple Ov Verdelet – Personalized postcard from Sam+Scot, digital download link and Special Thanks acknowledgement in the end credits.

Heavy Metal Ancestral Lords – Available for the FIRST TIME EVER – the groundbreaking Heavy Metal Family Tree as a HUGE high gloss Limited Edition poster (46″x28″ full colour with silver ink) personally made out to YOU and signed by Scot and Sam. Limited to a run of 666, each poster will be hand-numbered by Sam. This is the kind of thing you’ll want to frame for your lair. Plus you’ll get a digital download link and acknowledgement in the end credits.

There are also a lot of other cool donor gifts, like for $50.000, which you can see at:

Originally broadcast on VH1 Classic (USA) and Much More Music (Canada), Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn’s series Metal Evolution presented 11 episodes based on their “Heavy Metal Family Tree” originally shown in their groundbreaking documentary, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. Host and metalhead-turned-anthropologist Sam Dunn crisscrossed the globe exploring the vast history of Heavy Metal across its 40+ year history, covering everything from the Pre-History of Metal and Shock Rock to Grunge and Thrash Metal. But one very important episode was left out: Extreme Metal. Perceived to be perhaps too niche or “extreme” to attract enough audience interest, the episode did not see the light of day, ironic considering it is Heavy Metal’s most vibrant and fastest growing genre.

“For many fans, including myself, extreme metal is massively important. It continues to push metal forward, both sonically and aesthetically,” says Sam. Alex Webster, co-founder/bass player of death metal legends Cannibal Corpse, agrees: “There’s really no way that you could tell the complete story of heavy metal without including a chapter that covers extreme metal. And given their knowledge, experience, and passion for the genre of heavy metal, I think that Banger Films are the most qualified people to do it!”

Contributors’ support will send Sam on a global journey from San Francisco and Tampa to the United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden to investigate the history, myths and intricacies of extreme metal. Sam will unravel the lineage between Extreme Metal’s divergent branches – Death Metal, Grindcore and Black Metal – and meet with the sub-genre’s most influential sonic architects, including members of Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Napalm Death, Entombed, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, Enslaved and many more. The result will be an unforgettable portrait of metal’s most iconoclastic sub-genre.

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