EVILE INTERVIEW W/ Ben Carter – Drums & Joel Graham – Bass


With Ben Carter – Drums & Joel Graham – Bass

Interview by Lianne Alice

@ The Garage, London

28th October 2012

Tonight, Huddersfield’s own metal giants, Evile, will be playing out to a packed gig at The Garage. Touring their most recent album “Five Serpents Teeth”, Joel and Ben of the band take some time out to answer a few questions for us.

Acting professional was extremely hard as this band is one of my all-time favorites’! I had to try and resist asking stupid questions like “what is your favourite biscuit?”…well, I did ask and I’m not telling you! Here’s the proper interview….with a surprise question thrown in at the end!

Hey Guys, thanks for being here and letting us interrogate you!

Joel: Haha! Anytime!

So, not only is it great to finally see you guys play, but it is a pleasure to meet you too! so to kick off are you both looking forward to playing tonight’s gig?

JOEL: Definitely! We pretty much look forward to any gig we do and playing in London is great!

You guys are nuts!

Wait till you get to Scotland!

JOEL: Haha! True!

BEN: It will definitely be a heavy night, we have been touring this album and have had such amazing reactions from the fans, and they are what really drive us, especially in small venues like these, you feel like you can control them more.

You have played in untold amount of venues, what would you say has been your best venue to date?

BOTH: ohhhhh…..Hmm

JOEL: Mines would have to be this small pub in Ireland that we played in called the Dublin Pint.

It was so small and intimate but the crowds were really going for it! I loved that night! That one always springs to mind.

BEN: Smaller venues are always great, you are face to face with the crowd and you really feed off their energy. I suppose for me though it would have to be Sonisphere.

This massive venue with all these bands around that you love, there’s nothing better.

JOEL: The big venues may not be as intimate as the smaller ones but to see such a vast crowd in front of you is such a rush! You can’t believe what it’s like to have hundreds of people in front of you giving you their all.

If you found out tomorrow that you were to play your last ever gig, where would you like to play?

JOEL: That’s a hard one! I suppose it would have to be back home (Huddersfield), that way all of our family and friends could be there to support us. Help us go out with style!

BEN: yea, same here nowhere is better but home!

We all come from musical backgrounds so the support we get from family alone is astounding, we were encouraged to just go for it.

Out of all the songs you have done, full length and EP’s included, what would you say is your favourite? I may let you off by choosing more than one!

JOEL: Oh now that is hard! Sometimes it depends on what’s more popular that night but I think it would probably have to be “In Memoriam”. Not only because of what it represents but when we play it live we just get an amazing reaction from it. That’s what makes it worthwhile.

BEN: I would probably say the same. I think anything fast really like “Origin of Oblivion”. I really go for it on that one; I usually end up breaking my sticks! It gets the crowd pumped up which keeps u going.

With the release of FIVE SERPENTS TEETH last year, and touring for the album, have you started recording for a new album, if so when do we expect to hear it?

BOTH: Yep!

JOEL: We have already started writing some material and have a few riffs laid down, once this tour is over we will be back recording with Russ Russell, around February time hopefully.

BEN: We have like 20 songs so far and still going! This will definitely be a good album!

Well I shall be leaving you with my address so I expect it then in the mail then yeh?! [laughs]

BEN: Of course! [Laughs]

You have toured with many bands, whether it be support or headline. Who would you say has been the favourite to play/tour with?

JOEL: I think for me it would have to definitely be Anthrax.

One of my favourite bands so getting to play with them was so surreal. They walk past me and I’m like “I love you guys!”

BEN: ah man, it would be Megadeth! For pretty much the same reason grew up on them, played their songs then all of a sudden we are on the same bill!

What band have you not played with yet but would like to in the future?

JOEL: Any of the big boys!! (I’m guessing by this he is referring to Metallica and so on!).

Once you play with them you know you have accomplished something not only as a band but as an individual.

BEN: I would say Metallica for sure!

Oh yeh! Weren’t you guys a Metallica Tribute Act at one point?

BEN: Yep, that we were!

That’s why I would be stoked to play with them! To go from covering them to playing alongside them would be crazy!

Now I know you both said that you come from musical families, but if neither of you were in bands, what jobs do you think you’d be doing?

JOEL: I would go back to being a postman. Seriously! I loved it!

The fun I had doing that job!

BEN: I really wanted to be a forensic scientist, I was always into that kind of thing when I was younger but I’m too thick for any of that!

I can’t even spell that word right now lol! [Laughs] Is it Ph or F??!!

BEN: it’s spelt with an F! (Laughs)

Ok guys, last question…I’m sure you have been interviewed a million times, so will ask something different….So, I would like to give the Interviewee’s a chance to ask a question…

BOTH: ahhhhhh!! What should we ask???

TOUR MANAGER: Don’t encourage them!! [Laughs]

JOEL: What’s your favourite beer?

Whatever is on the tap! As long as it gets me drunk, i’m happy!!

BEN: Ah man, I’m stuck!

I thought you’d ask what my favourite song was?! [Laughs] 

BEN: Good one, what is it then?

First Blood…

JOEL: Really? Whys that then?

Well short version, I was in a bar and there is always a regular you just don’t get on with. The song start playing, which I was pretty stocked about and the person ‘accidently’ pours a drink on me! So I accidently hit her with a stool! So for me, it’s the best song for me as I will always remember it!

BOTH: laugh and clap hands!

Well, thank you again for your time lads, I can’t wait for the new album to come out and good luck tonight!!

BEN: You’re welcome! Thank you!

JOEL: Thanks! Enjoy the show!



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