ACCEPT – Wolf Hoffman



Interview with Wolf Hoffman of Accept

Conducted by Robert Williams

Filmed by Carlos Llanas

Video editing and concert photography courtesy of Sandra Torres

Following the universal worldwide success of 2010’s "Blood Of The Nations" album and the globe trotting comeback tour that followed, Accept are back in full force, primed and ready for the attack and touring in support of "Stalingrad" their second effort to feature their newfound, leather lunged vocalist Mark Tornillo. I would count Accept as one out of only a handful of bands that can deliver an hour and a half set of nonstop heavy metal hits. When you go to an Accept concert you are walking straight into a heavy metal party. Make no mistake. You will have a blast! The time of your life! Expect to be repeatedly bombarded with treasured classic after classic from one of heavy metal’s most beloved and revered bands. "Breaker" "Balls To The Wall" "Fast As A Shark" "Metalheart" "Restless and Wild" and the list goes on and on. Hell… Even the band’s new material seems destined for future induction into the halls of metal greatness. recently caught up with Accept axeman Wolf Hoffman to discuss the band’s North American co-headlining tour with German thrash legends Kreator, the new album "Stalingrad" and much more…