Malmoe Festival 2012 with Marduk,The Hives,Imperial State Electric and Graveyard in Malmoe,Sweden







A few days later and on the last day of the festival was it time for Imperial State Electric- the latest band from Nicke Andersson (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Death Breath) and Graveyard to perform. Both played at Posthusplatsen, ISE was first out at 9 o clock and Graveyard played late at midnight. The weather hadn’t improved and clouds of rain swept in now and then during the evening and because of the location close to the ocean were it really windy during most of the shows at Posthusplatsen.

When The Hellacopters was put to rest was the thought for Andersson to record a solo album but he instead chose to form ISE together with band members from his cover act Cold Ethyl. The band have until today released two album called IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC and POP WAR as well as an EP titled IN CONCERT jammed with covers that came last year. On stage stood only a drum kit and mics nothing more. As time went by people started to arrive but it would be a lie to say that the place was packed with people.

Imperial State Electric_cover.jpg

Imperial State Electric

The show began straight away after the members had walked on stage with the song “Hello There” whichis a cover. Andersson looked really happy with the warm welcome the fans gave the band and “Uh Huh” followed as well as “Lord Knows I Know It Ain’t”. Imperial State Electric is:

Nicke Andersson – lead vocals, guitar

Dolf De Boorst – bass

Tobias Egge – guitar

Thomas Eriksson – drums

Andersson looked as always a bit shy beneath his big captainhat when he met the crowd but did as always an excellent job as frontman. “Monarchy Madness” taken from the latest studio album POP WAR continued the show and the fans seemed to be happy with what the saw on stage. It’s hard to categorize the bands music but to me it sounds like garage rock mixed with power pop and some 70’s hardrock. The sound system worked perfect and it was hard to believe that this band played at the same stage as Marduk did a few days ago when the sound was crap. The lighting worked worse and the band members stood in darkness from time to time. The only one that stood in light was Andersson. Andersson thanked for the support and said that the next song was taken from the first album and it was “Redemption’s Gone” which was followed by “Déjà Vu”.





The band completed each other and it was really fun to see the guys live in action and to see how much fun they had together. One of the bands big hits are “Sheltered In The Sand” that of course came and it was followed by “Can’t Seem To Shake It Off”. The guitar poses that Andersson did in The Hellacopters he did on stage now along with both Egge and de Boorst and they also helped out with backup vocals. After “The Narrow Line” was it time for Eriksson to do a drum solo and the rest of the band went off stage for a while. Straight after the solo came the band back and Andersson urged us to give a hand for Eriksson and he said that it was fun to be in Malmoe to play again and announced “Throwing Stones”.






That song ended the ordinary play time but after a bit of cheering from the crowd came the band back on stage again and kicked off another of the hits in “A Holiday From My Vacation”. Andersson said that it now was time for a cover in “This Is Rock’n’roll” in which Andesson got the moment to shine on guitar. He is a multi-instrumentalist and you can’t but be impressed by his many skills. The song was sung by de Boorst and Egge and as soon as the song was over followed the closing songs “I Don’t Know” and “Take Me”. On the last song sang once again de Boorst and Egge together and it was fun to see that Andersson let the rest of the band shine. The show actually went over the time limit and when it all was over had the band played for 70 minutes instead of the scheduled 60.




Set list (not in order)

Hello There

Uh Huh

Lord Knows I Knows That It Ain’t

Monarchy Madness

Redemptions Gone

Déjà vu

Sheltered In The Sand

Can’t Seem To Shake It Off My Mind

Rock Science

The Narrow Line

Throwing Stones


A Holiday From My Vacation

This Is Rock’n’roll

I Don’t Know

Take Me

Imperial State Electric delivered as always a solid and groovy show. All of the band members sure know how to take on a crowd and its fun to once again see Nicke Andersson front a band and sing. Maybe the set list included too many covers but that was just a minor remark. Overall was the show brilliant and the band is crazy-tight. The crowd could have done a better job supporting the band but maybe the weather didn’t invite to any madness. If you’re into 70’s rock with a groovy twist make sure to check out Imperial State Electric with the legendary Nicke Andersson as front man.


Instead of hanging around at Posthusplatsen in the cold wind in wait for Graveyard to begin I walked to the Big Square in order to kill some time and with thought of that this was the last day of the festival there weren’t so much people attending the festival. At least not from what I could see. Graveyard had been really popular during the last couple of years and they won a Grammy award in 2011 in the best hardrock category for the album HISINGEN BLUES. The band has toured a great deal but personally I have trouble with the band’s music. First of all I don’t think they play hardrock but some kind of blues rock mashed up with psychedelic form of rock. 20 minutes before the show was about to begin had a huge crowd gathered in front of the stage and the crowd was already by now bigger than the ones who saw ISE perform earlier during the night. There were nothing on stage but the most necessary and when it was about 15 minutes left before the show was about to start began the fans to shout for Graveyard to come out.



The band came on stage and met the crowds cheers and claps with a smile. “The Siren” marked the beginning of the show and Nilsson stood to the right on the stage and Larocca-Ramn stood to the left beside Edlund. No one stood in the middle of the stage. Graveyard is:

Joakim Nilsson – lead vocals, guitar

Jonatan Larocca-Ramn – guitar

Rikard Edlund – bass

Axel Sjoberg – drums

No one of the members spoke in between the songs and the songs just followed each other. Just as the rest of the acts on the same stage suffered also Graveyard from bad lighting and now when it had gotten dark was it even harder to take pictures than before. I have a really hard time to figure out how this band could get so big and popular. The members stood solid on each spot and didn’t move around at all. There were no connection with the audience what so ever and that’s not what I want from a band. Focus was set on songs from the latest album but for me did the choice of songs not matter, I thought it was boring either way. It felt like I was in a rehearsing room watching a band getting ready for the stage. The show lasted for an hour which felt more like two hours. Needless to say wasn’t this show anything for me but if you can’t get enough of Graveyard is their new album due to be released in October and the band is heading out on tour at the end of the year.





The Malmoe festival is a well arranged and cozy festival with a lot to see and experience. The only bad thing was the lack of harder acts and I really hope that the festival can fix that next year. Me and many with me really want to see a return of the harder day at the festival. Otherwise is the festival a great way of discovering the third largest city in Sweden. The largest crowd drew the Swedish hip hop act Timbuktu with 27000 people. The second largest crowd had The Hives with 20000 people on the big stage on the main square. Despite the large amount of people that visited the festival was it a calm festival this year and both the police and the paramedics were happy with the outcome.



Thanks to Fredrik Hansson at Malmoe festivalen for help with photo pass.

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