Malmoe Festival 2012 with Marduk,The Hives,Imperial State Electric and Graveyard in Malmoe,Sweden




The first thing that meets you when you walk towards the stage is a huge carnival with carousels, when you continue to walk further on you see a beer house and the two stages located at the area. Marduk was about to play on the bigger stage where Imperal State Electric and Graveyard performed a few days later. The place holds about 5000 people at maximum but that many people were there during either of the shows I saw. A lot of fans had gathered in front of the stage when I came and it’s pretty unique to see a Marduk live show on Swedish soil because the band is much more popular outside Sweden for some reason.



The band members entered the stage accompanied by a lot of smoke that almost drowned their appearance. “On Darkened Wings” and “Nowhere, No One, Nothing” opened the show and the fans gave the band a warm welcome. The line-up is:

Mortuus – lead vocals

Morgan Evil Hakansson – guitar

Magnus Devo Andersson – bass

Lars Broddesson – drums

The band members stood solid on their spot and played while the only one moving around a little bit was Mortuus. Hakansson looked like black metal’s answer to Yngwie Malmsteen when he played and he had the guitar a little too high up on his chest to be cool. Mortuus announced “Serpent Sermon” which was followed by “Still Fucking Dead (here’s no peace)” and besides introducing the song Mortuus hardly talked at all. “Azrael” and “Materialized In Stone” continued the show and it felt quite weird when Mortuus didn’t say anything in between the song and instead let the silence speak for him. Whatever song the band played did the fans scream and shout along with the band and even though the crowd was small it was noisy. Mortuus announced the song “Baptism By Fire” taken from the album PANZER DIVISION MARDUK.





Something that struck me was how poor the sound system were. It sounded like a helicopter flapped in the speakers and the guitar and drums were put too high in the mix while the bass was put too low. The music sounded a bit empty with only one guitar and the band sure need to add a second guitarist in my opinion. Maybe Mortuus had a bad day because his vocals didn’t sound good at all. This clearly wasn’t Marduks day at all. “Souls For Belial” followed as well as “Womb Of Perishableness” and “Throne Of Rats”. “Panzer Division Marduk” ended the show and Mortuus wasn’t satisfied until the audience had screamed the title high enough. When the band left the stage the fans screamed for more and after a few minutes came the legends back on stage to fulfill the fans needs of more black metal music and fired off “Wolves” as encore. That song ended the one hour the band had to play for.





Set list

On Darkened Wings

Nowhere, No One, Nothing

Serpent Sermon

Still Fucking Dead (here’s no peace)


Materialized In Stone

Baptism By Fire

Souls For Belial

Womb Of Perishableness

Throne Of Rats

Panzer Division Marduk




The Marduk show sure left more to wish for but I don’t think that the major errors was because of the band but because of the bad sound technician that let the band perform with such a lousy sound. And why let the organizers the band play in broad daylight. Again, everyone knows that Marduk come to its right in pitch black. It was fun to see though that the young fanbase did the best of the situation and supported the band. That was the one and only highlight during this show.

Now I headed up to the Big Square where The Hives was going to play and the band is back to attack with the excellent new album LEX HIVES. It was a while since I last saw the band live and my expectations were really high because The Hives use to deliver a fun and action filled show every time they’re on stage and I have always loved the bands edgy punk/rock’n’roll music and attitude. Right across the stage at the back was the bar located and the bar was jammed with people drinking and watching Soundtrack Of Our Lives that was about to close their show.


The Hives

At 9.30 walked the members out, as always in synchronized outfits, and met the fans. This time had the members suits and white shirts on along with black hats. “Come On” marked the beginning of the show and the band seemed to be really eager to kick off the show. The band members were:

Howlin Pelle Almqvist – lead vocals

Nicholaus Arson  – guitar

Vigilante Carlstroem – guitar

Dr Matt Destruction – bass

Chris Dangerous – drums

“Try It Again” followed straight away and then came “Take Back the Toys” and “1000 Answers”. Almqvist thanked the fans for coming to see the band and while he talked he took of his jacket and said that it was time to have a good time and presented the amazing song “Main Offender”. The Hives was like a raging train and it was full speed ahead right from the start. The guys use to deliver an action packed show and this one was no exception. It felt like they played the songs twice as fast live compared to how they sound on album and Almqvist ran around like a maniac across the stage. Almqvist said that he wanted everyone to sing a long in the song “Walk Idiot Walk” and continued with saying that we have everyone met idiots and that this song was dedicated to them. Almqvist had the audience in the palm of his hands right from the very start of the show and he kept them their during the night. He also jumped down in the photopit to say hello to the fans and there is no doubt that he is a huge frontman.






“My time Is Coming” and “No Pun Intended” came and it was fun to see such a tight and rock solid band in action. “Wait a Minute” followed and the band members seemed to be really pleased with the warm welcome they got from the fans in Malmoe this evening. Almqvist said that they had been playing in Malmoe before but never in front of such a huge crowd and that he remembered The Hives had opened for Social Distortion here 17 years ago and that even though he is only 23 years old today. Almqvist jumped again down in the pit in the song “These Spectacles Reveal the Nostalgics” that was followed by “I Want More”. Almqvist asked if the crowd wanted to hear more, which they wanted, and fired off “Die, All Right”. Almqvist then said it was time for the band to play the last song for the night because the concrete they were standing on couldn’t take anymore and it was time to leave. He said that the band had been digging under the crowd putting out dynamite that was about to blow up and the obvious last song was “Tick Tick Boom”. In the middle of the song introduced Almqvist the band and the song gotten even longer with the solo parts the band had added. But when the song was over and the band had played for 60 minutes weren’t the fans happy and shouted for more. It only took a few minutes before the band came back and fire of “Go Right Ahead” – the first single from LEX HIVES. The second encore was the bands national anthem “Hate To Say I Told You So” and Almqvist said that everyone was welcome to a night club in town and party with them later on the evening. Last song for the night was “Patrolling Days” and with that song said The Hives goodbye to Malmoe for this time.







Set list

Come On

Try It Again

Take Back The Toys

1000 Answers

Main Offender

Walk Idiot Walk

My Time Is Coming

No Pun Intended

Wait A Minute

These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgics

I Want More

Won’t Be Long

Die, All Right

Tick Tick Boom


Go Right Ahead

Hate To Say I Told You So

Patrolling Days

What a show, this sure puts The Hives back at the top amongst the best live acts Sweden has to offer – if anyone had doubted. The stageset looked amazing with big flashing letter spelling out HIVES that lit up now and then during the show. The set list was varied and included an amazing mix of both new and old songs that worked really well together. This show was maybe the biggest highlight for me during the 7 days of the festival and I’m sure that everyone around me agreed.


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