Jalometalli 2012 – Oulu Finland



Altars Of Destruction known as A.O.D. belongs to this old school union of the thrash metal since the late 80’s. Even though A.O.D. has got a plenty of the material of their own, the 60 minute set included three cover songs such Celtic Frost, Slayer and Testament. However the band thrashed loud and hard.  

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Nekromantheon consisted of four young thrash metal maniacs out of Norway who gave a real thrashing slap in the face. Even though Norway is known for being a kingdom of black metal, during the past years some interesting and refreshing thrash metal combos have crawled from the land of black and grim metal. The four piece thrashed with the intensive passion thought the set without slowing down. Hopefully someone realized the thrashing talents of these Norwegians to push them more effort and have more attention. 


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The Scotish band Achren featured some hairy ugly looking guys who were a totally unknown combo up here in Finland. Even though the band has shared the stage with known names and played at different festivals, it was obvious no-one was familiar with them as only a handful of people followed the gig of Achren. The band’s hybrid mix of heavy black thrash literally suffered from a bit chaotic sound.


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The Canadian extreme technical death metallers Gorguts enjoys the cult status amongst the death metal freaks. The first visit of Gorguts didn’t bring the same kind of intensive feeling amongst the audience when for example Suffocation and Asphyx made their maiden visits to the Jalometalli festival. However the technical skilled musicians created a lethal outburst by mostly focusing on the early material. 


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The organization of the Jalometalli festival had been trying to get Crimson Glory booked for a year, but it finally clicked when the progressive metal legends booked a few other European dates including the first gig ever in Finland. Obviously the band didn’t know what to expect from the audience as the roster mostly featured more extreme metal compared to what Crimson Glory present. The band definitely got surprised by the reactions of the audience welcoming the long time Floridian progressive metallers on the stage with the massive cheers. Even thought the vocalist was suffering from severe back problems. However, there was no sight of his problems on the stage at all as he sacrificed himself totally. But he is a man with the golden godly voice. The band sounded majestical, and just tremendously great. The classic CG songs sounded beautiful with the intense harmony. The material completely consisted of the first two albums for the obvious reasons. This band is clearly a must see for every power and trad metal fan.  

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Right after the last note of the last song of Crimson Glory had ended Iced Earth kicked the set off of their own. Iced Earth seemed flat after the epic gig of the progressive metal legends. That does NOT mean Iced Earth was bad or awful, instead the five piece delivered a set of furious hymns above all from the latest opus and of course so to say Iced Earth classic tunes. The new frontman Stu Block is an awesome frontman with the charismatic personality. Barlow’s shadow is definitely gone from Iced Earth. Iced Earth sounded tremendous bombastic. 

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It was already known in the early stage that Municipal Waste would cause an utter ballistic reaction amongst the younger generation of the thrash / crossover fans. Simply crossover riffs flashed by Municipal Waste with an aggressive grip and tight performance. The pit was merciless and brutal. The given running time nearly 90 minute was a bit too long for the four piece of the current generation cross over metallers as quitting a bit too early.  However, they left the people gashing for the people in the darkned night of Oulu. 

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The Dutch occult rockers The Devil’s Blood concluded the great Jalometalli festival by offering the hypnotic occult based ritual show. The atmosphere was definitely spellbouding and magic.  For whatever reason, there was no communication between the band and the audience. In general the gig was one hell of a magical jamming ritualistic experience. The band continued the set although the lights went on, that didn’t prevent them from doing the mindblowing set with the pure occult grip. Awesome show indeed.



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Once again the Jalometalli fest proved to be one hell of a great and well planned and carried out metal festival in Finland. The audience should try to arrive a bit earlier to catch these bands playing a bit earlier than those headliners as many sound as awesome as those so called headliners.  




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