Queensryche – Interview with Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson & Scott Rockenfield


Interview with Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson & Scott Rockenfield

Conducted by Robert Williams

Video Editing and Photography courtesy of Sandra Torres

Seattle’s progressive metal legends Queensrÿche have recently been under the watchful eyes of the global metal community, due in no small part to a momentous shift in personnel with the exit of longtime vocalist Geoff Tate and the introduction of the band’s new vocalist Todd La Torre (Crimson Glory). A mountain of controversy surrounding the departure of the band’s famed former vocalist resulted in court proceedings between both parties over the use of the band’s name and likeness, not to mention a brief war of words exchanged in the press. When I learned that I would be speaking with founding members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the chat but found myself somewhat relieved that the band had decided to take the high road and focus our conversation on their current plans with their new vocalist Todd La Torre, what it’s like for them to once again perform their early material in concert and of course a more revitalized return to metal, in general, following the uninspired modern hard rock of last year’s “Devoted To Chaos”. The band were in high spirits, excited about things to come and as evidenced by their performance later that night at the South Texas Rock Fest In San Antonio, Texas I’d say, rightfully so.