The Beach Boys – Doin’ It Again (DVD)

The Beach Boys

Doin’ It Again (DVD)

2012, Fontana

Rating: 4/5

As I stated in my review for 50 BIG ONES, 2012 has to be the year of The Beach Boys. There is no shortage of material released this year and this DVD is one of them. It is a well done little documentary that gives a quick history of the band and live clips from the 2012 tour.

DOIN’ IT AGAIN is a short but well done DVD. The new interviews and live clips are especially interesting. Hearing the stories of the early days and the coming back together just makes for an enjoyable experience. Even the old B&W live clips such as “I Get Around” are interesting. The performance of “California Girls” from this years tour is easily the highlight of the DVD as the band are in fine form. It was good to see them back out there playing live. It is too bad that Brian wasn’t featured more. His PET SOUNDS era stories were the most memorable. Another was the unseen “Good Vibrations” studio footage. Seeing them all in the studio recording the new album is very cool. I wish they had of focused more on those new sessions as well as touching on Dennis and Carl Wilson’s contributions a bit more.

A fine DVD that has come out at the perfect time. Hope we see a tour film on Blu-Ray in the near future loaded down with extras.