The Beach Boys – 50 Big Ones

The Beach Boys

50 Big Ones

2012, Capitol Records

Rating: 4.5/5

This is a HUGE year for The Beach Boys. They have reunited, put out a new studio album and toured to promote it. Also for their 50th Anniversary we are treated to a dozen new ReMasters (Review to be posted soon), this new compilation set and there is a rumor of a Boxed Set. What more could a fan ask for?

This is pretty much the quintessential Beach Boys collection. It is the perfect starting point for anyone that would like something by the band in their music collection. It is also a great set for those that do not wish to re-purchase the albums again but would like to hear some of the new masterings. Similarly it can be used to gage which of the new ReMasters you might want to pick up.

For myself this will be my goto set when I want to hear some Beach Boys but do not want to listen to individual albums. The packaging is fantastic and the 2 CD’s are in LP styled sleeves all housed inside a cardboard box along with a booklet and 7 B&W Photographs. Very well done. The song selection gives a decent overview of their career thus far and includes different mixes as well as some deep cuts which is quite refreshing. As for the sound quality there is some debate out there but to this set of ears this set sounds excellent. It is as though there is a breath of life given back to them and they sound new again. Yes there will be purists that only want the original mix and not suffering from compression, loudness, clipping and brickwalling. I am one of those that would prefer my reissues to be like that with the dynamics of the recordings left in tact as well but as long as it sounds good and not compressed to Hell I am pleased.

This release does sound good and I recommend it to anyone. Capitol did an excellent job with this release and I look forward to the 12 Reissues. Hopefully the labels will hear the fans and continue to release excellent product.

Disc 1

01 – California Girls [2002 Stereo Mix]

02 – Do It Again [Mono]

03 – Surfin’ Safari [Mono]

04 – Catch A Wave*

05 – Little Honda*

06 – Surfin USA*

07 – Surfer Girl*

08 – Don’t Worry Baby [2009 Stereo Mix]

09 – Little Deuce Coupe*

10 – Shut Dow [2003 Stereo Mix]

11 – I Get Around [Mono]

12 – The Warmth of The Sun*

13 – Please Let me wonder [2007 Stereo Mix]

14 – Wendy [2007 Stereo Mix]

15 – Getcha Back*

16 – The Little Girl I Once knew [Mono]

17 – When I Grow Up to Be A Man [2012 Stereo mix]

18 – It’s OK*

19 – Dance Dance Dance [2003 Stereo Mix]

20 – Do You Wanna Dance [2012 Stereo Mix]

21 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Music*

22 – Barbara Ann [2012 Stereo Mix]

23 – All Summer Long [2007 Stereo Mix]

24 – Help Me Rhonda [Mono Single Version]

25 – Fun Fun Fun [Mono]

Disc 2

01 – Kokomo

02 – You’re So Good To Me [2007 Stereo Mix]

03 – Wild Honey [2012 Stereo Mix]

04 – Darlin’ [2012 Stereo Mix]

05 – In my Room*

06 – All This is That*

07 – This Whole World*

08 – Add Some Music To Your Day*

09 – Cotton Fields [Single Version 2001 Stereo Mix]

10 – I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times [1996 Stereo Mix]

11 – Sail on Sailor*

12 – Surf’s Up*

13 – Friends*

14 – Heroes & Villains [2012 Stereo Mix]

15 – I Can Hear Music*

16 – Good Timin’

17 – California Saga*

18 – Isn’t It Time [Single Version]

19 – Kiss Me Baby [2000 Stereo Mix]

20 – That’s Why God Made The Radio*

21 – Forever*

22 – God Only Knows [1996 Stereo Mix]

23 – Sloop John B [1996 Stereo Mix]

24 – Wouldn’t it Be Nice [2001 Stereo Mix]

25 – Good Vibrations [Mono]

* = No info listed.