Produced By George Martin (DVD)

Produced By George Martin (DVD)

2012, Eagle Vision

Rating: 5/5

This DVD is simply phenomenal. It isn’t possible to make a better documentary on George Martin. PRODUCED BY GEORGE MARTIN shows Martin from every angle possible and leaves no stone unturned. From his beginnings right up through to modern day it is all here.

As you would expect a large portion of this feature concentrates on his work with The Beatles and it features him sitting down talking to both Ringo and Paul. How he got started with EMI and Parlophone. We get a wonderful look at the workings of Abbey Road studios and how everything worked back in the early days.

It is the interviews with his son Giles that are truly where we get the wealth of information. Giles asks his Father questions and really digs deep for stories and facts. Giles was the perfect person to interview his Dad as George is so relaxed and just lets the stories flow.

The segment at Monserrat is very moving as the studio is now vacant and just left to rot in the elements. Seeing the photo’s of it in it’s heyday with The Police recording there it was a tropical paradise and it was devastated by a storm in ’89 and never rebuilt. Such a shame really. You can clearly see that George is really attached to the studio and it hurts him to see it in that kind of disrepair.

From his childhood through to modern day this DVD touches on every aspect of George Martin’s life. He is the man that produced some of the best music the world has ever known. This is the perfect documentary on George Martin.