GYPSYHAWK Interview with Vocalist/Bassist Eric Harris

Gypsyhawk Interview

with Vocalist/Bassist Eric Harris

Interview by Mark Dean


I’m familiar with Eric Harris through his work with other bands – Huntress, and Skeletonwitch. What is the musical history of the other three band members?

Eric Harris (EH) – Andrew played in a band called Suns Beneath while Erik is from a Detroit based sleaze rock band called Overloaded and spent his time with White Wizzard. Ian has played here and there with lots of bands as well. Both Erik and Ian have attended music school.  

How did Gypsyhawk come together?

EH – In 2008 I wanted to do something other than fucking "metal", so I recruited Andrew and we set out to do the damn thing. It was only a matter of time before we enlisted our first drummer, Joe Fabio, and this other dude that played guitar. Clearly these guys didn’t cut it, but Ian was introduced to us and we decided that he was not allowed to leave. Shortly after confirming his allegiance to the cause we finally got our favorite House. Erik "Ronald Kirkland Houser" Kluiber joined forces on February 14th of 2011, thus completing the circle of power.


Was it difficult for the band to get established in the early days – getting gigs etc?

– Duh, it’s still hard. Metal Blade is our saving grace in that department though. I love those guys. And girls.

How did the band then get the label deal with Metal Blade, a major player on the international music scene?

EH – Game recognize game, son.

Leading on from that question – as you are signed to a major label, why are you currently without management representation? Or has that situation recently changed?

EH – Woah, wait. MB is still an indie as far as I know. Otherwise we’d be rich as fuck. And we are currently without management, so to any of you sexy management agencies, we’re single!


Were there any changes in the production techniques or song-writing process between "Revelry & Resilience", and the bands previous release "Patience + Perseverance"?

EH – Song writing on R & R was definitely honed and cleaned up from the previous albums "progginess". And Zack Ohren did a bang up fucking job on our album after fully understanding us. He’s like the "scientist" that makes all James Bonds weapons. We’re bad asses, but that cat arms us to the teeth.

After listening to both releases, I personally feel that they would be well received by UK audiences. Any touring plans for the UK, and if so will this be on a headlining basis or a label package?

– Nope. None that I know of, that isn’t to say we don’t wanna come. We just gotta get the green light and or cards. Dig? And I hope to fuck the UK likes us too. Ireland will. They have to.


With the recent changes in the music business – and the move to self-sufficiency in promotion and self-marketing, why doesn’t the band have an official website (at the time of writing)? Wouldn’t this help the band?

– Sure, you can run the site for us. Shit, ain’t nobody got no time for a "website". Just tell your friends that we’re a good band and that they should seek us out. 

Define the Gypsyhawk sound, and what musical influences are brought to the table by the various band members? I personally detected Thin Lizzy elements in the guitar sound?

EH – Course you did. We listen to a lot. I’m not gonna sit here and list all the things that influence us because it’d be too much. I mean Pat Benatar and Dolly Parton even inspired some of the songs.

What are the best, and worst elements of working in the music industry?

EH – The best element is touring. The worst element is touring.


What individually are the band members most proud of? – personally or creatively?

– Well, Ian’s would be his ability to catch things in his mouth (frisbees, bones, dog toys, etc.), Ron’s would be that he can turn into a House and then back into a guy who feels extremely shitty for drinking ALL the whiskey from the previous night, Andrew’s would be that he has a House and a dog. And I’m happy to just be around it all.

Do you believe in God?

EH – Are you fucking serious? Science dude. Come on.

Individually – what is your favourite food or drink?

EH – I like California Burritos. And Coca-Cola. That’s my fuckin’ jams.


What is the meaning of life?

– P.P. Rider naked on a unicorn getting arrested for killing a Japanese hooker.

What is the most difficult decision that you have ever had to make?

EH – Doing this interview.

What are the best and worse drugs that you have ever taken?

EH – Best: weed. Worst: (my MOM is gonna see this, dude. C’mon.)

Finally if you could each interview a musical hero – who would it be, and what one question would you ask?

– Glenn Hughes. "Teach me how to sing like that, dawg."




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